The Best of The Best: Top PDFBear Features to Use Today

In this generation, everything we do involves technology, especially in sending or receiving important information. If that’s the case, you might be using the safest file format, which is the PDF document. If you want to convert, edit, repair, or even compress your PDFs, you can always count on the tools this online software has to offer. So, here are the handy and convenient tools that you should start using today!


If you need a perfect tool that can help you convert a PDF file into a JPG or JPEG format, well, you are on the right page. You may find the Convert tool of PDFBear so convenient. Using this tool will quickly convert your PDF into an image file. The site will not give you a problem using its service since it has a simple interface. Also, all the featured tools have direct steps that you can follow in order to perform the process correctly.
Convert PDF to JPG in an instant with PDFBear, you can also do it vice versa. They offer many features regarding the conversion of documents. They have PDF to Excel, PNG, Word, etc., or various file formats into PDF. Regarding the process, it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the file’s conversion, so you will not worry about the time. If you want to start converting now, here are the basic steps to convert PDF to JPG format:
  1. Select PDF files you need to convert.
  2. With the best quality possible, the converter tool will shift your PDF file into an image file.
  3. Watch and wait while the system completes the conversion.
  4. At this time, you now have your newly converted JPG image file. Download and share.

Repair PDF

The Repair Kit of PDFBear will try to recover and repair your defective PDF file caused by a typical computer virus or a sudden electrical power failure. PDFBear will try its best to recover the corrupted file, although it does not guarantee the outcome you expected. However, it will for sure do its best to make it a workable PDF file again. Using the repair tool when you have a corrupted file will make your life less unfortunate. And will also give you hope that the system can still fix it, but again don’t expect much. The system is fast and perfectly safe, and secure. If ever they can’t indeed improve your file, don’t worry because they will not make it get even worse. You will also not wait for a long time for the operation to finish since, with only a few clicks, your defective PDF is now fully restored.  Follow this easy-to-comprehend procedure on how to repair your damaged PDFs:
  1. Choose the defective PDF file.
  2. The system will analyze the file if they can still fix it. After that, it will upload the document to the site.
  3. Wait and hope that the tool will revive your corrupted file.
  4. Click the “Repair” button to start the task, and wait for it to complete.

PDF Editor

This PDF editing tool from PDFBear will help its users to instantly and directly alter their PDF documents. They are allowed to add images, text and place arrows or circles without any cost at all. Users are also entitled to highlight important paragraphs, which makes it convenient for students or employees. If you wish to edit your PDF documents; existing content, this PDFBear feature is definitely the right tool for you. Once you are using this online software, you will know the impact of not installing any software or programs on your devices or computer when you edit your files. PDFBear can make things done in a few clicks, and that’s how simple this software works. If you want to edit your PDF file right now, here are the easy steps that you need to follow:
  1. Choose and upload any file into the PDF editing bar.
  2. After you upload your document, you can start adding text, shapes, or highlight any meaningful words.
  3. Select “Apply” if you are ready to proceed.
  4. After the steps, the system will direct you to the page where you can download the newly edited PDF file.


PDF managing is difficult if you are not using the perfect tools or software. But once you know how to use or access PDFBear, it will be easier to convert, compress, split PDF pages, rotate, repair, or even unlock your PDFs. You do not have to download the site for you to access it. Search it through the web, and you can now enjoy using it anywhere you are. Start using PDFBear today and experience the convenience it brings!

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