The Future of Indian Online Gambling After the Recent Law Changes

India represents an important market for online gambling businesses. The popularity and presence they have in this country, combined with the market size and preferences make it an ideal match. There is nothing wrong with offering people a safe and fun experience that is available on every smart device imaginable. However, just like with every popular thing that emerges, there are always some malicious people who want to take advantage of the situation. This is creating a challenging situation for the government, whose first and most important task is to protect its people and the business owners who want to invest in the country. This industry revenue is making the officials pay close attention to it and create conditions for it to thrive. When it comes to conditions, we mean the necessary laws and regulations, and the latest ones called for analysis from our side.

Gambling Culture and the Presence of Online Casinos in India

History records suggest that gambling has been present in India for thousands of years, making it a part of this people’s culture and tradition. There are numerous depictions of people indulging in various games throughout the nation’s proud history. Therefore, it is no wonder that people welcomed the chance to play it even more conveniently, which online platforms certainly offered. The gambling industry used the lockdowns due to the coronavirus to shift its offers of casino games to websites and applications. They recorded a massive success with this decision, as the numbers showed that the players rushed to the chance to gamble in this way.

The commodity that was offered, to play your favorite casino games whenever and wherever you want, was met with an increase in the number of both casual and active players. The problem was that with the popularity of online casinos, numerous websites emerged, and not all of them were great. For everyone who wonders which brands are among the top gambling sites in India, the experts from did the research and prepared a great report. The applications and websites of trusted operators are on the rise, generating a yearly revenue for this industry of 4 billion USD. The annual growth rate is set at 8.59 percent, which means we will see even more from these types of businesses.

Gambling Law in India

The troubles with this industry in India lie in the fact that the government has a difficult time matching the pace of growth that the gambling industry is recording. Online casinos’ success skyrocketed, and the laws that regulated it were outdated and incohesive. The fact that gambling in the country is primarily regulated by the Public Gambling Act from 1867, which is nearly 160 years old, creates a lot of problems for all parties involved. The law doesn’t cover online gambling due to the simple fact that the Internet was not invented back then. One more problem that this legislation creates is the difference between the games of skill and the games of chance.

The games of skill are permitted and allowed in every part of the country, and they include rummy, horse betting, fantasy sports, and only certain variations of poker. The games of chance, however, create problems. And if that was not problematic enough, the Indian Constitution is offering territories a chance to regulate gambling independently. This is accomplished with Schedule 7 of the Constitution, and some states, like Sikkim and Nagaland for example, exercised their right to allow online gambling in their territories. The lack of unity and clarification is creating a complex situation, as different courts and officials are interpreting the laws in different ways. All of that is complicating things more and more.

Acts That Were Supposed to Improve the Gambling Legislation in India

To update the Public Gambling Act from 1867, government officials issued the Information Technology Act of 2000 and the Consumer Protection Act in 2019. They were imposed to protect the people while making online payments on various occasions. It was meant to prevent disputes, fraud, and scams. The idea was to protect consumers while utilizing online platforms for making money transactions and to give gamblers grounds to sue casino operators in all scenarios in which they were wronged. However, it was not the perfect solution, and much more work needed to be done.

The Gaming Amendments to the Information Technology Rules

People want to feel safe and protected in different situations, no matter if they are safely downloading video games or depositing money at online casinos. The latest regulation of games of skills was introduced with the Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code of 2021, or in short, the “IT Rules”. Even this regulation was not completely adequate, and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, or MeitY decided to impose amendments to it. The regulation of online casino games, or in their term – online gaming intermediaries (OGI) was supposed to be controlled by the MeitY and newly created regulatory authorities called Self-Regulatory Bodies (SRB). 

However, these SRBs were never established. Government officials have paused the creation of them as they were deeply concerned with their independent decision-making and upholding the gambling legislation. Instead, the protection of games of skill was granted by the High Court. Making the topics of gambling advertising and offshore gambling websites primary targets. The marketing of gambling establishments needs to be controlled. According to the experts from, mainly to protect the ones that can be influenced by it in the wrong way. Advertising needs to comply with the strict rules in both the content and media utilized. On the other hand, offshore gambling means that the domestic operators are neglected, and that is something that can’t be allowed.


In a country where gambling activities are as popular as they are in India, there are numerous difficulties in creating the proper regulations and legislation to control it. Casino operators are rushing to this country as it has become an important market for these businesses. The lack of clarification and unity of the gambling legislation in different territories of India is creating a hectic atmosphere for both consumers and business owners. The latest law changes are a step in the right direction, but much more work is needed to be done by government officials in their mission to create a gambling heaven in India.