Things You Should Consider in Choosing the Golf Cart Sun Shades

Things You Should Consider in Choosing the Golf Cart Sun Shades


Golf carts may be funky mini-electric cars, but they don’t have the bells and whistles of a regular car. However, the temperature has been rising worldwide, and the golf cart users are becoming the victims of the boiling weather. Therefore, it is wise to equip your carts with golf cart sun shades.




Advantages of Sun Shades:

Resorting to golf cart sun shades is a great idea for manifold reasons. Not only do sunshades block the majority of direct sunlight, but they also help in protecting against UV light from the sun, which can severely affect the skin in the long run.


Another benefit to the golf carts themselves is that they can prolong the life of various plastic and rubber components since they are prone to brittle under direct sunlight. Generally speaking, the increased versatility of your golf cart as a result of using golf cart sun shades enables you to take the maximum benefit out of your prized asset.


Types of Sun Shades:

Like many other products in the market, sun protection for golf carts is also available in different varieties. The most popular kinds are either regular sunshades or enclosure covers. The following bullet points discuss in detail the popularity and advantages of those options.


  • Sun Shade Covers

Golf cart sun shade covers may not be as versatile as enclosures, but they are aesthetically well suited for any golf cart. Also, they contribute quite a bit to lowering the cabin temperature of a golf cart and insulating occupants from the direct UV light.


Sun shade covers are rapidly becoming popular amongst golf cart owners. They are easy to attach and detach, and their overall cost versus the benefits they offer is one of the main reasons they are penetrating the golf cart market so rapidly.


  • Golf Cart Enclosures

Compared to the sun shade covers, enclosures contain extra doors. It is well suited for rainy days, preventing rain drops from entering the carts. The ability of enclosures to essentially form a protective cover around a golf cart makes them a capable all-weather partner for golf carts.


  • Cover

If you tend to leave the carts unused for a long time, the black and huge cover can enclose the cart completely, prolonging the cart’s lifespan.



Important Considerations Before Buying Sun Shades:

Now that we have discussed the popular means of protection against direct sunlight, it is high time that we move on to the factors that deserve your consideration before you set your mind on a particular golf cart sun shade:


1. Material

A sun shade’s material is the most attention-worthy factor. It directly contributes to how much a sun shade would block or let the heat through itself. Furthermore, a sturdy golf cart sun shade would be better able to pass the test of time than the flimsy one.


The sun shade covers provided by 10L0L can resist strong sun and wind, boasting long durability. Their top is manufactured with 600D dyed polyester fabric, and the body is made by vinyl coated mesh, obstructing the majority of sunlight while allowing the cool wind to come in.


2. Sun Blocking Capability

The main objective of using sun shade cover is to obstruct the effects of sunlight.


3. Convenient Design

Convenience usually gets a backseat in the list of factors people prioritize when purchasing sun shades. But it is the small details that make a big impact. The integrated adjustable straps and retractable buckles make a convenient design, realizing easy installing and uninstalling processes.



All in all, sun shades have become crucial for cart users. But choosing the right ones among other substandard sun shades is a painstaking task that requires careful consideration. This is why 10L0L golf cart shades are a safe bet for you. All the 10L0L sun shades offer superb protection from UV rays while letting the cool breeze pass through the cart’s cabin. No matter sun shades, golf cart enclosures, or covers, you will find them durable enough to withstand the test of time.



In addition, the brand’s sun shades are equipped with retractable buckles and adjustable straps that make it easier for you to attach and detach them. The final but the sweetest bit in 10L0L golf cart sun shades is they all come with a 1-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind.


Now, for more information about the reliable golf cart sun shades, you can visit 10L0L’s website: