TikTok Statistics That Marketers Should Know In 2022

TikTok attracts users in massive numbers to watch stunning videos. One expressing their creativity can make their mark on the platform. TikTok now has around 1 billion users worldwide, and with an increasingly younger audience, it has evolved as a vital medium for marketers. In the future, TikTok’s expansion will be unpredictable, and taking advantage of this platform will present businesses with plenty of new opportunities. Therefore, before optimizing the strategy, it is critical to gain a clear understanding of TikTok. Thankfully, TikTok statistics can help you focus your plan and make the necessary improvements to flourish your business in the TikTok market. If you strive to engage users, buy tiktok likes that help you expand your network and stay at your best. Take a glance at this post to learn the most important data for changing your marketing approach for the forthcoming campaign and let your content go viral.

TikTok Has Over 1 Billion Active Monthly User Base

TikTok has appropriately 1 billion Monthly Active users globally as of January 2022! In December 2019 Statista research, 23% of participants said they had used TikTok or posted videos on the platform. On the other hand, 44 percent said they haven’t yet, and 33 percent said they’d never heard of TikTok. Conversely, during the COVID pandemic in 2020, most U.S. Internet users used TikTok. Therefore these numbers today likely understate the real situation. Once knowing this stat, build a strong presence on TikTok and leverage your business. 

TikTok Users Spend Nearly 850 Minutes A Month

As per Statista, TikTok users in the United States spend an average of 858 minutes each month on the platform. In March 2020, the report stated monthly TikTok application user engagement in the U.S. 

If you see data from October 2019 to March 2020, you’ll notice that the usual TikTok user spends more time on the app. In October 2019, monthly usage increased.

  • November 2019 – 442.9 minutes to 526.1 minutes
  • December 2019- 561.2 minutes 
  • January 2020- 680 minutes 
  • February – 731.6 minutes 
  • March – 858 minutes and so on. 

With time, the users are spending more time on TikTok. So, by knowing the stat, best share the content consistently and buy tiktok views for it to boost engagement for your videos.

Most Trendy Category On TikTok By Hashtag Views

As per Statista, the most successful TikTok content genres received over two billion views as of July 2020. Entertainment content was the popular category on TikTok. The category comprises lip-synching videos. Get to know that dance was the 2nd most common category of video.

The famous categories of hashtag views:

  • Entertainment – 535 billion views
  • Dance – 181 billion views
  • Pranks – 79 billion views
  • Fitness or sports – 57 billion views
  • Home renovation or DIY – 39 billion views
  • Beauty or skincare – 33 billion views
  • Fashion – 27 billion views
  • Recipes or cooking – 18 billion views
  • Life hacks or advice – 13 billion views
  • Pets – 10 billion views
  • Outdoors – 2 billion views

Though TikTok users’ time and attention are dominated by entertainment and dance videos, they are likely to invest time watching videos on a wider variety of concepts these days.

Second Popular iPhone App Downloaded In 2020

TikTok came in second position on the most downloaded iPhone applications list for 2020, even though monthly app downloads vary substantially. Zoom was the only app with higher downloads during COVID’s first year, which was unexpected. On Apple’s mobile platform, TikTok surpassed Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, Netflix, YouTube, and Instagram in terms of downloads. TikTok was the 4th most popular app on the iOS platform for the 2nd year in a row, the 4th most popular app in 2018. After reading this stat, build your brand’s customer base on the platform and opt to buy tiktok fans and stay at the top of the competition.

Most Downloaded iPhone App In The U.S. In 2021

In the U. S., Apple has published statistics for the top downloaded free and paid apps for 2021. The list of the Top Free Apps was headed by TikTok, which was followed by YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Most Popular Downloaded App Globally In 2020 & 2021

TikTok surpassed all other apps in 2020, with 850 million global downloads, when both Apple and Android downloads are combined. It equates to WhatsApp’s 600 million downloads in the 2nd spot. TikTok download numbers state it is the most downloaded app in the U.S., at 89 million. Even more unexpectedly, with 120 million downloads, TikTok was the most downloaded app in India, though being banned from July 2020 onwards. TikTok was the most popular downloaded app in the U.S.

Highest Engagement Rate

According to the research, higher engagement rates are at different levels for every social media platform. However, compared to other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and so on, TikTok has substantially larger engagement. For instance, micro-influencers have higher engagement rates of 17.96 % on TikTok, 1.63% on YouTube, and 3.86% on Instagram. 

Summing It Up

Here I have only discussed a few stats on the platform. Understanding these stats, make sure to have a presence on the TikTok platform and perform at your best by curating the right strategy. However, to strategize your plan, search for more TikTok stats and grow your business with the necessary changes in your strategy.