Tiny Bongs and Why they are so Cool

Not many people appreciate smoking in public. For this reason, smokers prefer taking their hits discretely so as not to bother non-smokers. Besides, larger smoking gadgets prevent smokers from enjoying their hits since they are bulky, inhibiting portability. Thanks to the invention of mini bongs, the smoking community can now breathe a sigh of relief.

A small bong is just as the name suggests- a miniature version of the standard water pipe. However, it performs the same tasks while providing portability convenience. That is why many smokers appreciate tiny bongs for their daily and discrete use.

What are Mini Bongs?

A mini bong is a small water pipe for smoking. It stands between 4 to 8 inches tall, making it easier to carry. Given the size, it is also lightweight and offers the same water filtration as its larger counterpart. It includes a bowl, base, down stem, mouthpiece, and chamber. You will find a mini bong bearing many names like a tiny bong, miniature bong, baby bong, and handheld bong, among others.

A trip down memory lane of tiny bongs

Mini bongs first appeared in China around the 16th century. Bamboo bongs were the most popular smoking aids during the Ming Dynasty. They were famous for smoking tobacco and opium. They varied in size, with the smallest measuring about 6 inches.

The popularity of miniature bongs started growing, and so did the need for discrete smoking. Many people began using tiny bongs to smoke, and soon, they became a good option for stealth smoking. Today, bong manufacturers have devised ways to keep tiny bongs alive by crafting more compact and lightweight alternatives. This makes it easy for people who enjoy low-key smoking sessions.

The workings of mini bongs


Many people would like to know how a baby bong functions. When in session, a mini bong will diffuse smoke through the water once you inhale through the mouthpiece. Inhaling after lighting the bowl produces smoke that flows from the bowl, via the down stem and then to the water. At this time, the water starts to bubble as the smoke passes through it. The smoke is cooled and diffused and then flows towards the chamber and mouthpiece.

Understanding how it works makes it easy to use. Moreover, you need to know the various parts of a mini bong to learn how each one functions. Below is a breakdown of its parts.

  • Bowl

It is usually a tiny container used to hold the smoking substance. It is made of glass or metal and can be easily detached to improve loading or clean.

  • Downstem

A tube that connects to the bowl, holding it in place. Besides supporting the bowl, it filters smoke when it passes through the water. It features either glass or metal material.

  • Base

The base is a hollow section on the bottom of a mini bong where smoke gathers before passing through the water.

  • Chamber

It is a straight tube connecting the base and the mouthpiece.

  • Carburetor (carb)

It is a small hole close to the chamber. Its main purpose is to control airflow when covered.

Types of tiny bongs

The market packs different types of mini bongs. This makes it a daunting task when choosing one for your needs. Knowing the available types provides an easy buying decision as you pick the design and features that match your needs.

  • Glass tiny bongs

A glass bong has glass as the main construction material. At a glance, a glass bong is beautiful and functional. It is a popular style of small mini water pipes that offer smooth hits and portability convenience. Additionally, it delivers basic filtration, just as a small bong is supposed to. A borosilicate mini glass bong is the most durable alternative fortified with temperature-treated glass.

  • Silicone bongs

Silicone mini bongs resemble regular bongs but with added advantage; deliver superior shock absorption and break resistance. They are malleable and fold easily. However, they never break on impact. This feature makes silicone bongs ideal for traveling and using on the go.

The only downside is that they consist of regular features that function averagely. However, they are lightweight and offer excellent portability convenience.

  • Acrylic miniature bongs

Tiny bongs featuring acrylic materials present a beautiful archaic appearance. These are hard plastic water pipes that include a metallic bowl and downstem. Like glass bongs, acrylic bongs are lightweight and provide more shatter resistance. However, regular use tends to degrade, forming small undesirable cracks on them.

Advantages of mini bongs

Smoking does not have to be a tiring task. That is why manufacturers are making smaller-sized bongs to ensure user convenience.

  • Portable

Mini bongs feature a compact and lightweight design that make them easy to carry around. Busy smokers who are always on the move appreciate them for their daily sessions.

  • Easy to use and store

Given their miniature size, mini bongs are easy to use even for beginners. You can use them anywhere and after using put them back into your pocket or purse.

  • Affordable

It goes without a doubt that the compact size of small bongs reduces the cost. Being small, they occupy tiny amounts of the smoking substance, thus regulating your smoking.

  • Deliver smooth hits

If you are looking for smooth rips, you can get them by using tiny bongs.

Final words

Mini bongs are becoming more popular by the day and its easy to find the best cheap bongs online now a days with world famous shops like Brothers with Glass. This is mainly because of the convenience they offer. With these, you get to enjoy your rips discretely and on the go. That is why they are so cool. Additionally, they come in various types and designs that make it easy to choose the right one for your needs. They are cheaper and provide smoother hits than other alternatives. Throw one in your bag or pocket as you embark on your trip. Doing this ensures to immerse yourself in a massive experience and never miss a moment.