Tips to make coffee in just 10 minutes

Coffee is one of such beverages that everyone looks for after getting out of their beds. Coffee is a great antioxidant and naturally removes the waste product from the body.  In fact, a quick and instant coffee is a great way to kick start off the day. Isn’t it? However, if you’re thinking of how to make coffee at home instantly. Then we have got you covered check out these useful tips to make coffee in just 10 minutes.

Make instant coffee using an Espresso machine

Automatic Espresso machines are widely used for both domestic as well as commercial purposes. These machines helps you prepare smooth finely-blended coffee in just a few minutes. These machines are indeed a one-stop-shop for all of your coffee brewing needs and let’s you add a touch of the classic and aromatic flavor of caffeine to your coffee.

Plus, espresso machines are specially designed to give a nice espresso shot for better results. Some of the machines work automatically, while others need some basic skills on how to operate espresso machines efficiently. All you need to do is to choose the right shape and size of the espresso machine based on your requirements and get it installed instantly.

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Use coffee bags

Coffee bags are pretty useful, and can be a great relief for those who find brewing coffee a daunting task. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to make coffee at your home. Open your coffee bag and put it into the hot water just like you would do with a teabag. Drench the coffee bag for  3-4 minutes and let it soak. If you would like to have a strong coffee, then leave the coffee bag for 4 minutes, and in the case of lighter coffee, 3 minutes is more than enough.

Plus, you can carry your coffee bag along with you wherever you go and make instant coffee at your own comfort.

Coffee Cone

The use of coffee cones is one of the simplest and effective ways of brewing coffee and has been followed for many years. A paper filter is placed inside the cone, and hot water is slowly poured over it. The brewed coffee gradually drips into the cup due to the gravity.

Although this drip method might sound like a bit lengthy process but in reality, it is one of the cheapest and fastest methods to make instant coffee. Make sure to choose the right size of the coffee cone and paper filter, as flavors and brewing coffee speed completely depends on it.


Hope, you apply these tips in your day-to-day life and make quick and instant coffee in just 10 minutes. Just by using the right process, you can create you’re desired taste of coffee and seize the health benefits of coffee as well.





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