Top 5 Games couples can play to enjoy their time.

Top 5 Games couples can play to enjoy their time.

Everyone wants to spend some quality time when they are with their loved ones. While watching movies and eating food are the two most common things, they do not work out sometimes, and you need something new and different.

Did you know that you can play different couple games to enjoy some quality time? The issue is that most people don’t know which couple of games they can play. If you are also one of them, you don’t need to worry as we have covered you.

Top 5 Games couples can play to enjoy their time.

Below are the 5 best games that couples can play together to enjoy their time.

Never Have I Ever

The first game that we have here is Never Have I Ever. It is a fun game to play, especially when you guys are looking to know more about each other. With different fun never have I ever questions and in-game challenges, you both can have some quality time, as well as memorable moments, spent together.

Scavenger Hunt

Next up on the list is the scavenger hunt, which is a game like no other game. One of the best things about a scavenger hunt is that you guys can play it against one another as well as together for better understanding and bonding with one another.

While it is a fun game to play, the maximum level of fun that you can have is when you play it at some scavenger hunt play place. With everything new to find and explore, the experience of playing will be better than ever.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is a game where you can have lots of fun because of your fibbing skills, or should we say, your poker face. It is not only about you as your partner will have fun as well. The idea of this game is well explained with its name where you speak two truths and mix one lie in them.

Now your partner will have to guess which one of these statements is a lie. You cannot imagine the amount of fun you guys can have while playing it.


Jenga is a game that involves some physical skills and the stability of hands. Playing Jenga with your partner over some challenge, bet, or prize will be an amazing experience because with every turn, you will have your heart pounding and hands shaking because of the game’s intensity.

Guess the Movie

Yet another amazing game with lots of guessing to do. You can make your partner guess the movie by the following things:

  • Showing clips of the movie
  • Saying some famous dialogue
  • Showing a picture from the movie
  • Showing a meme related to that movie and many more.

Both of you guessing others’ movies will not only be fun, but you guys can also select the next movie you will be watching together this way.


Having some quality time with loved ones is what everyone wants. If everything else seems boring for you, then you can try out these 5 best couple games. We are pretty sure that you and your loved one will surely love some of these games, and you guys will have some quality time spent together.