Top 5 Most Fun Ways to Spend your Time on the Internet

Top 5 Most Fun Ways to Spend your Time on the Internet

The recent lockdowns have been keeping a lot of us from having to sit back in our couches and scroll through the endless depths of the internet to have a good time and it gets really hard sometimes to find something that doesn’t bore you.

However, this situation has also brought a lot of people to come up with crazy ideas to have fun on the internet and one of the best ways to have fun and spend your time on the internet whether you are on phone or laptop are GAMES! And so today, we are going to list the top 5 most fun ways to spend your time on the Internet!

Word Wipe

Starting off this list with Word Wipe one of the most popular word games on the internet that is completely free to play! And the reason why it is so popular is the fact that it combines the classics of the old scrabble word puzzles with unique and modern gameplay that keeps you hooked for hours!

And things get even more exciting with the level of challenge that keeps on increasing as you make progress through the levels and each level has time that keeps you focused on finding the words as quickly as possible. The bigger the word, the greater the score!


Moving onto another flavour and one of the most popular browser games on the internet, we have Slither.IO and I am pretty sure that a lot of you have already heard about it or even played this game a while back but guess what? The game is back with bang and it is better than ever! It also gives you those nostalgic feelings about the time when we used to play snake games on our mobile phones and it used to be so damn challenging and fun!

Magic 8 Ball 

Alright, speaking of Nostalgio, I just had to mention this as Magic 8 Ballused to be one of the most popular and fun ways to spend your time with friends and family! This popular toy back from the 90s is yet again getting a lot of attention on the internet as you can now try this online to find out what your future has in store for you!

Try it with your friends or all alone by yourself and just keep throwing in all the questions that you have in your mind and let this magic 8 ball figure it out for you!


One of my not-so-favorite subject is actually proving out to be a lot interesting after people have started taking interest in this online browser game that lets makes you guess the location of random places around the world taken from Google Maps and it is actually quite addicting for someone who loves Geography or just wants to get a better grade in their subject!

World’s Hardest Game

Now if you haven’t played tfahe world’s hardest game ever, you should definitely try it out, now that you have that extra time to spend and what better way to do that other than having to challenge yourself with something that’s INCREDIBLY HARD! Are you up for the challenge?

These are a few of the most fun ways we have found around the internet to have fun on the “internet”, I know it sounds Ironic, and it is. Which Legendary Actress has Lost the Best Actress Oscar a Whopping 18 times ?
But yeah, one of these will definitely keep you hooked for hours and that is the point of sharing this information with you. HAVE FUN!