There’s no running away from the fact that wildlife has increased in urban areas. Thanks to the massive rainfalls and pleasant weather, wildlife is thriving. They’re good for the planet since they bring so much value to earth. Observational research believes there are more animals in urban areas. 

There has been a sudden increase in the wildlife’s way to urban areas. However, increased wildlife presence hurts your property. Herein, we will discuss the top ways to protect your garden from wildlife:

  • Do Some Digging

Start with digging as the first course of action. This way, you can find the animals you’re about to deal with. Knowing the beings in your garden will help identify a solution to get them out. Surely, you don’t have to be strict with them. They need love and care. 

As humans, we need to empathize with them. The most common culprits are rabbits, deer, voles, gophers, raccoons, and chipmunks. Check with a professional gardener to get them removed. 

  • Defend Your Plants

Plants fresh from nurseries are more vulnerable compared to their counterparts. They’re full of nutrients and will attract animals. Thus, getting eaten up in no time. Damage from animals will affect the plant’s ability to survive in the long run. So it’s crucial to have a fence to cover them up. 

Even retaining walls can help in protecting your plants from animal invasion. Plus, they’ll help improve the quality of soil without any effort. 

  • Use Barriers

One of the easiest ways to protect plants is to construct barriers. Plant covers and chicken wire help in protecting edible plants. Fences are the ultimate barriers and protect your home. Taller fences prevent wild animals from entering your garden. 

Especially if you live in a forest, using barriers will help restrain your home. For animals like woodchucks and gophers, extend your fence much deeper into the ground. Barriers are highly beneficial in protecting your home. 

  • Go For Height

Invest in pots or raised beds. Placing vegetation out of reach is a good way to keep away from wild animals. For extra protection, adding a barrier on the top helps solve the problem. 

For instance, if a chicken wire or fence is invested, it will prevent the animals from hopping in. Ensure to work with a professional fencing contractor for the best results. 

  • Remove Hiding Spots

Hiding spots serve as habitats for small animals. Reduce them, otherwise, animals will start using them as mating spots. Plus, they’ll also give birth to their babies there. Maintaining your house is important.  Block off crevices and open spots. Keep detached garages and outdoor sheds secured. 

Conduct a regular checkup of the property. This is a means to ensure your home and garden is safe. 

  • Train Your Dog

It’s a good idea to train your dog on chasing. Most dogs have natural instincts to chase people and other animals while running. Train your dogs to chase any animals that hound your home. Especially when the garden is concerned, it’s good to train your dogs. Larger animals can attack your pets. So train your dogs to chase them in such a case. 

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