Warzone Lag

Warzone Lag

Call of Duty Warzone is a free-to-play battle royal video game released on March 10, 2020, for PlayStation 4Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.  Warzone was developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software and published by Activision. The most amazing thing about Warzone is its large gaming community that loves this game but for most of the gamers, this game was difficult to play as it burdened their servers, causing warzone lag. Call of Duty: Warzone wasn’t as perfect as gamers expected when it was released. Problems like Endless bugs and errors, death to lag, guns disappearing, etc. but the question most of the gamers were asking: 

Why is warzone so laggy?

Well, it’s not easy to tell what exactly the reason that causes Warzone to lag while playing. Modern video games are complex. The reason why COD: Warzone stutter or lag could be due to multiple possibilities depending upon internet connection and hardware compatibility. There are two types of lags that mostly affects the games are:-

  • Low frame per second (FPS)
  • High Internet Latency

Low FPS means the game is not compatible with your computer hardware like graphic card, RAM, or CPU. Low FPS causes Warzone stuttering. Even in some conditions, the game starts acting like a slideshow, frame after frame starts showing up causing the warzone to stop responding. This problem again became the talk of town when King Kong vs Godzilla update was added to the game, leading to Warzone lagging and stuttering. 

High ping might also result in low FPS. It is one of the most annoying issues that make warzone utterly unplayable, causing a decrease in response time, delays between our input and output, and it literally feels like something is wrong with the game.

High Internet Latency is an issue related to your connection with the warzone server. It results in loss of data pack during transmission. In games high latency leads to rubber banding, de-sync, massive delays in hit registration. 

How to fix Warzone Lag

  1. The best method to improve warzone lag, reduce ping and boost FPS is LagoFast. This game booster has been proven to be most effective in solving all Warzone related problems. A lot of gamers including me has also used LagoFast and I am utterly impressed by its results. Not only it improves gaming performance but is also an effective Warzone Lag Reducer .

Following are its features:

  • It has a unique LFP protocol. It prevents constant loss of signals between your PC and Warzone servers and unlike other LFP protocols, it takes exclusive routes around the world leading to smooth gaming and giving gamers a truly immersive experience.
  • It gives precise boosting and connects to routers smartly, hence ensuring that every single gamer has low ping and less lag. Even if you use Spotify, Twitter, or whatever app at the back, your game would still run smoothly.
  • Smart, real-time network diagnosis and dynamic matching to optimal nodes ensure that every single player has lower ping and less lag.
  • FPS Boost allows you to enjoy HD content with super smooth visuals and an amazing gaming experience.
  • LagoFast employs international routes that are available only to our users. Super-smooth gaming is ensured by a server network that spans more than 60 nations.
  • Exclusive routers have been installed around the world which LagoFast uses and not only this, worldwide nodes play an important role in it.
  • You can Pay per minute for this game booster, i.e. Cost can be calculated in minutes and you can stop paying whenever you like there is no need for you to pay for the whole month.
  • In short, LagoFast Fix game lag, Reduces game ping, boosts game fps, and optimizes the net connection. It lets PC gamers get a better gaming experience. I would strongly recommend you to download it if you want a smooth, exquisite, and amazing gaming experience. 

Many of the gamers who use LagoFast are very satisfied with its performance and efficiency, as you can see in the above figure. So I would recommend you to Download it and improve your gaming experience

Warzone Lag

    1. Reboot your router. The majority of individuals might not be aware of how long their modern/router operates. The functionality of your internet equipment will be hampered by the software overload and generated heat. Rebooting your router or contemporary device might sometimes solve your network problem on its own.
  • Change your DNS server. Your internet connection depends greatly on the DNS (domain name server). Nobody can guarantee the caliber of the DNS they give you. In most circumstances, switching to a well-known and trustworthy DNS server will offer you a faster and safer connection and more effectively address the issue of sluggish warzone servers.
  1. Terminate the Bandwidth Hogging Process. If you frequently experience lags while playing Call of Duty: Warzone and you’ve verified that there are no hardware or internet configuration issues, it’s conceivable that some bandwidth-hungry background programs like OneDrive, Skype, and Dropbox were using up your network bandwidth.
  • To eliminate the Bandwidth, you need to open “Task Manager” and click the app running in background and press “End Task”