Ways to Find motivated sellers’ real estate


Ways to Find motivated sellers’ real estate

A motivated seller is the one who is eager to get rid of a particular property in their possession. Before jumping into the different plans to search for motivated sellers, one should have a closer look at how the motivated sellers are distinct from other types of sellers. A motivated seller is the owner of a property who would fulfil at least one of the following conditions:

  • Willing to sell the property at a favorable price: This usually means 10-30% below market value.
  • Willing to sell the property at very favorable terms: This includes things like no money down, 0% interest, financing, etc.

How To look for Motivated Sellers 

Motivated sellers can be found everywhere; one just needs to know a strategy how to find them. Here are some methods of looking for motivated sellers:

Searching for the List

As the old marketing expression states, ” The money is always on the list. For the investors aiming to increase their marketing to home sellers, it’s all about finding the proper list of motivated home sellers and then sending them diverse pieces of marketing—normally in the form of direct mail. which encourages them to reach out to the investor and his team. There are numerous types of lists, but it’s usually a better idea to start with one or two and build out from there. i.e. Blue World City Location. Following are some of the other kinds of motivated seller that one needs to acquire:

  • Attorneys (Divorce, Probate, estate, etc.)
  • Realtors
  • Absentee owners

Creating own Marketing

Once the investor creates a targeted list, it’s time to make their marketing collaterals. In most cases, this might take longer than seven days to fine-tune. For the purposes of this column, one can assume that they can generate three key marketing pieces in a single week. And these pieces include:

  • The Direct Mail Piece: the postcard, letter, lumpy mail, or brochure you’re going to send would-be sellers
  • The Website Squeeze Page: Where motivated sellers, who want to be contacted must visit the page and share their contact information.
  • The Phone Lead-Acquisition System: This can be as simple as a Google Voicemail account or as complex as a customer service team

Send the Direct Mail Out 

Once the investors have assembled a list of motivated seller leads, then they should plan action, and launch their direct mail campaign at the start. This is the lightest week on the 28-day motivated seller lead calendar. However, things may ramp up in week four, but this week is where the investors physically send out their direct mail pieces and wait for a response.

Usually, it takes more than one direct mail piece to get a feedback from a lead. But for the sake of argument, one can assume that the marketing message is compelling and that the list is targeted and highly motivated. A reasonable response rate for direct mail ranges around 4to 5 per cent, so if one sends out 250 pieces, about 12 responses can be expected .

Filter The Leads

Once the motivated seller leads have started to call on your toll-free number or visited the website, it’s time to commit a phone call to find out about the information of the seller and his property i.e. Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location. This would even things like:

  • Why they want to sell
  • How long they have resided lived there
  • How much they are looking to receive from the sale
  • What is the location of property
  • ·Who’s on the title

Follow Up

Although one might not interfere for what investor inundates the leads with constant fear contact of turning them off, one of the more significant mistakes the investors may make is not following up. Schedule reminders to follow up with the leads, whether it’s a phone call or email. The reason behind this is that it takes time to harvest trusting relationships, and not all of the leads would be ready to sell quickly. Once the investors plant their seed, it would take some more time before a lead begins to feel ready to sell their prospect i.e. Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Therefore, one must keep in touch with the leads that would help catch them at the proper time.


Reaching or searching for motivated seller leads is quite a difficult task, but it can be a profitable business. One thing important to keep in mind is that majority of the sellers are really motivated, otherwise they won’t be listing their property for sale. The critical difference is differentiating who simply aims to sell from who wants to sell. Identifying the ones who are genuinely motivated may equate to a huge payday. For more information, you may get in touch with Estate Land Marketing to get in touch with any motivated seller.

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