SAFe or the scaled agile framework is the best possible leading agile framework in the whole world and has been perfectly utilised by industries across the globe. This particular concept has been perfectly designed for continuous business development and is also very much capable of providing the people with the most relevant qualification in this particular field. It is very much capable of enhancing the career prospects of the people so that they can deal with things very professionally. Depending upon the right kind of agile SAFe certification is very much advisable for the people and it is also based upon different kinds of exam questions. Some of the top-notch quality exam questions asked in the whole process have been explained as follows:

  • What is agile and list the common frameworks?

 This is considered to be the best possible methodology that will help in promoting continuous development testing throughout the project. It will also help in increasing the rapid and flexible responses to any changes and different frameworks include Lean development, scrum and SAFe in the whole process.

  • How do agile and SAFe frameworks differ? What are the core values of SAFe?

 Agile is a very broad term that will help in covering different kinds of other frameworks in the whole process and out of all these kinds of frameworks one is the SAFe. This particular framework has been specifically designed with the motive of dealing the projects into large-scale enterprises which will help in scaling up the models like scrum to the enterprise level. The core four values are explained as:

  1. Alignment
  2. Built-in quality
  3. Program execution
  4. Transparency
  • What are the common dimensions of building quality?

 This will be having five dimensions which are explained as:

  1. Flow
  2. Architecture and design quality
  3. System quality
  4. Release quality
  5. Code quality
  • What are the different levels of SAFe?

 The levels of SAFe have been explained as follows:

  1. Team: This will be involving a small team of 5-10 people who will be delivering the working system in two weeks
  2. Program: These will be the multiple teams will be working together including several kinds of stakeholders and will also be known as the ART
  3. Value stream: This is considered to be the collaboration between different and the solutions, architect and the value stream engineer who will be acting as a guide in the whole process.
  4. Portfolio: This is considered to be the very basic collection of different kinds of value streams and portfolio managers will be very much responsible for delivering the best business results in the whole process.
  • What are the metrics used in SAFe?

 The metrics are considered to be the predecided parameters that can be perfectly used in terms of measuring how well the organisations are performing and progressing to achieve their objectives. The metrics are explained as:

  1. Large solution
  2. Portfolio
  3. Program
  4. Team

 Hence, being clear about all the above-mentioned questions is the key to success in this particular area so that people can very easily answer the leading SAFe exam questions and can excel in this particular area without any kind of problem.

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