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To spread peace and harmony in the world is one of the fundamental concepts of Islam. It is considered even superior act from making charity and donations. Religion Islam is considered to be the religion of peace and empathy. Allah Almighty has encouraged mankind to spread peace and show kindness in Holy Quran. In Quran, it is being said by Allah Almighty regarding the concept of Islam:

‘’Making peace between people is better than (nafl) charity, fasting, and prayer.’’

In Quran, Allah has asked Muslims to establish a sense of harmony and kindness on the land and stay moderate and balanced in their dealings with people, and opt for the behavior of kindness, empathy, and compassion towards other human beings. The literal meaning of the word Islam is ”Making Peace”. This can be truly achieved by creating and maintaining a peaceful and harmonious environment for yourself and others. This can be truly attained by staying far away from negative people, thoughts, and situations and developing a sense of ease and positivity for others so that you may easily attain it for your self too. Our beautiful religion Islam promotes peace and harmony in its true sense and guides Muslims in various methods and teachings to achieve peace of mind and heart in its true sense. Real peace can be achieved by worshipping the Almighty Allah and staying connected to Him through namaz and dua. Also, you should indulge yourself in acts of kindness, goodness, and compassion and keep your mind away from negative thoughts and emotions. Muslims can also accomplish a true sense of serenity and calm by keeping companions that are kind and empathetic people by heart and promotes positivity and goodness, not by their words but their actions too. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) also conveyed the true message of Islam in his beautiful acts of generosity that are the true source of inspiration and guidance for people worldwide. Our beloved Prophet illustrated the importance of peace in the life of Muslims in a hadith that is as follows:

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“A true believer (mumin) is he from whom people’s lives and wealth are safe.’’ The path of peace and harmony allows Muslims to live a prosperous life because their life is surrounded by goodness and positivity which they also pass on to whoever they meet in life. The sense of peace and harmony within an individual life opens many avenues towards success, goodness, and door to all kinds of wonderful opportunities to explore and excel in life. Peace is not just about staying positive or leading life in a compassionate and good manner but also it is about keeping your loved ones and other people safe from any kind of verbal and physical harm. You should abstain from using such comments and words that may hurt your feelings and create a sense of negativity and sadness in them. You should also keep yourself away from getting into any situation or circumstance that may lead towards the act of violence or physical abuse due to any ego or aggression issue to maintain a sense of peace and calm within your surroundings. 


The importance of peace in Islam is vital in creating a sense of true calmness and empathy for mankind all around the world. Muslims should feel the responsibility of creating a peaceful environment for their brothers and sisters not just with their words but through their actions as well and also help to achieve a sense of true calmness by promoting the teachings of Islam.

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