What Games To Play To Earn Money?

What Games To Play To Earn Money?

Virtual reality, augmented reality, perceived reality, and real reality often come across these terms thanks to Hollywood. One cannot argue that Hollywood has spoofed the concept of reality. However, just because there are no movies about it doesn’t mean it is not valid. The concepts attached to earnings have changed a lot also. In just a matter of years, entire societal strata have been configured in order to fit a narrative. Entertainment over the years has evolved. It has evolved so much that the form of homebound entertainment has now been added to its roster: the video game section. These play to earn games gained more popularity with the advent of VR or virtual reality headsets. These headsets are considered one of the major forces acting as a significant family binding activity.

The recent rush in the gaming industry has opened its door to new types of video games. The availability of technology like Blockchain has allowed us to evolve the gaming sector from simple games to multiplayer, pear vs pear or PVP and, most importantly, the play to earn games that rapidly gather market shares.

The video game industry has recently undergone a massive surge in its valuation, crossing a $billion mark in 2019, and it is showing no signs of slowing down even now. Come the year 2027, it is expected to contribute around 30% or more to the global economy. A massive role in this growth must be accredited to P2E, which has surfaced as a “game-changer” for this industry. 

What are Play to Earn games?

This pushes us to the question, which games should you try if you want to get in the scene of the Play 2 earn blockchain model. Here are a few games that you should absolutely try to get into the Play to earn gaming. Prior to getting in the reasons of what really do Play To Earn games mean these games can simply be defined as follow: 

“Games being integrated or being run by the P2E model allow users to create value through various in-game activities’ ‘. 

In the sense of comparison, the play to earn video games truly rewards players as compared to traditional video games. 

Before we continue towards the games, we would like to clarify that the numbers are not rankings, 

Plant vs undead 

The vintage concept of nature taking on the zombies is brought to life in this game. The main focus of the game is on farming. However, combat is unignorable. Fighting the undead through the plants, you just grew. The plants could be collected as NFTs by the players. However, the in-game currency is LE or Light Energy, which could be traded with PVU tokens that can be exchanged with more famous cryptocurrencies. Isn’t it interesting that your rewards are exchangeable with famous cryptocurrencies making plant vs undead a desirable no.1 when it comes to playing to earn video games. 


As clearly indicated by the name, it must have horses and wings and races. You guessed it right. The game is relatively new on the block of P2E format. The game is simply to race your horses against other horses and the top 3 would be rewarded with in-game currency. Players can also earn passive incomes simply by renting out their racehorses to other players. However, it is imperative that both players must agree on a price first before binding in any such agreement. 

Pegaxy is a simple-to-understand and run play-to-earn game for any player starting out fresh in the Defi environment. 


Now here is one for the record. Obviously, one cannot ignore Decentraland. This is perhaps the most influential P2E or Play to Earn game out there. However, one may consider it more like a metaverse with MANA being the in-game currency. With names like Snoop Dogg attached to the platform surely depicts the strength of the game in itself. There are lands for sale in the metaverse. We are talking about Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg owning those lands in the metaverse. This might be the bar for Play to earn games to achieve.

The Cloud City Metaverse

This is the latest addition to the gaming universe, The Cloud City Metaverse an immersive decentralized Play to Earn platform. However, it is still in development, but by the looks of it form the socials and form the white paper. As the player has complete control over the atmosphere, they can buy or sell lands, create empires, sell NFTs in the marketplace and much more. The Cloud City Metaverse has all the ingredients to become a revelation in the world of Play to earn games, it has not been released yet but the gameplay release is an absolute treat to watch. With the looks of it The Cloud City Metaverse is certainly on the path of overtaking most of their rivals in the field. 


Thetan Arena 

So here is another P2E game, the Thetan arena. This is a multiplayer combat game. It has two tokens, THG and THC. Both of these coins are earned through battle and other quests. The game offers ownership through NFT characters to the player. However, there is an option of free play. It is being refurbished later for a new feature to be dropped in the future. Even though the older versions have a few glitches but it still is a very fine game to spend time on. 


The Play to earn games are one of the reasons that have allowed the gaming industry to multiply over the years. The industry is young and is constantly improving, providing competitive opportunities to the gamers in the form of world events. One can be sure that this industry is not slowing down anytime soon.