What Is A Photo Canvas? Everything You Need To Know About The Topic!

Photo Canvas

Photo Canvas
What is a canvas print? How is a canvas print made? If you’re wondering what and how a canvas print is made from, you’re not alone.

In short: canvas prints are the result of a successful combination of modern digital printing processes and a classic wooden frame. It may sound simple, but there is a lot of work behind this combination. In the following we would like to show you how Printerpix produces its photo canvases – from start to finish.

It starts in the forest

It sounds like the beginning of an enchanting fairy tale – but every canvas has its origin in the forest. The wooden frame for your canvas is made of FSC-certified spruce wood, which is grown in sustainable forestry. If a supplier uses fir or pine wood, this is usually not a good sign! None of these alternatives are suitable for canvas stretcher frames, because they are mostly leftovers from the past: around 10 years ago, both types were used for cheap goods.

But back to the spruce wood: In a second step, the wood is brought to the factory and dried there in a special, industrial process. As soon as the wood has reached the desired degree of dryness, it is ready for further processing.

What happens next?

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, our canvas prints are a winning combination of craftsmanship and modern technology – after all, premium canvas cannot be made any other way! The frame is assembled by hand and the canvas is also stretched by hand over the finished stretcher frame.

The printing of your photo on the canvas is the result of modern and specially developed technology. Special HP latex inks guarantee that a perfect copy of your original photo is created, pixel by pixel. The result is a canvas print that will amaze you with its colors and attention to detail.

What is the difference between a canvas print, a poster and an art canvas for painting?

A photo canvas is often confused with a poster – but there are big differences. A poster does not have a fixed frame, quite the opposite of a canvas, which gets its stability from a stretcher frame made of high-quality wood.

Of course, a poster has its advantages, but by definition a canvas is a higher quality and more substantial decorative item. The differences between longevity, care and printing processes mean the two options couldn’t be more different.

A photo canvas does not have much in common with a canvas that is used for painting. While both arose from the same basic idea (the desire to find a cheaper base material for traditional art), they have more differences than similarities.

A canvas for painting can be used with or without a gesso layer, while a canvas for photographic printing will never be stretched over the stretcher before printing.

Are photo canvases worth their money?

If you are planning to display a photo on your wall, then there is no cheaper alternative than the photo canvas. Nevertheless, you should be careful when choosing a supplier. Always read reviews beforehand and find out about the procedures a vendor uses. Fortunately, you can find both quickly and easily on Printerpix. Our numerous happy customers speak for themselves!