What is Gold Lock screen?

What is Gold Lock screen?

Users are often bored staring at the same screen interface and locking pattern of their smartphone. Therefore, here is an exciting lock screen application which can take away the boredom and also increase the security of the smartphone.

Gold Lock Screen is an Android application that functions as the mobile lock screen. It is quite a popular and attractive looking app.

This app completely transforms the smartphone screen interface, imparting it with a zipper-like appearance which can be pulled down like a physical zipper of a hoodie to open the lock. The lock screen as well as the home screen wallpaper changes with the use of this app too.

Not only this, but users can also choose a different zipper design widget for the sake of customization. Multiple locking styles, themes, and colours are available for users and they can customize the app according to their choice. Thus, this app gives the chance of protecting one’s smartphone in a stylish manner.

This app also displays the date, time, and battery level of the user’s smartphone. Users can download this application with the help of an APK file or find it in the Google Play Store.

How to use?

The Gold Lock Screen app is easy-to-use. The app can be downloaded first and then installed on the smartphone. Users can further launch the app, after which they will see an “activate” or “enable” button on the screen.
Clicking the “activate” button will bring the app alive. Users can also choose their favourite zipper style widget, theme, lock screen and home screen wallpaper from the display menu.
Finally, everytime users lock and open their smartphone, they would come across the zipper style Gold Lock Screen interface appearance.


  • This app is very useful for locking the smartphone. Here are some of the most prominent features of the Gold Lock Screen application:
  • The app improves the device privacy.
  • The app offers multiple eye-catchy zipper designs, themes, lock screen and home screen wallpapers, and widgets altogether.
  • The locking mechanism is also enabled with sound effect.
  • The app displays the date, time, and battery percentage on the lock screen for the ease of users.
  • Users can customize the speed of the zipper animation as per their choice and preference.
  • Users can set a backup pin and also enter a password for extra protection before unzipping the smartphone.
  • Users can also conveniently enable and disable all the widgets.

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