What is the salary of Bihar Police SI? What is the scope of promotion in Bihar Police SI?

To be a sub-inspector or SI in the Bihar police department is a significant advantage for many people around the country, so it is such a sought-after position among other government employment. Every year, many individuals apply for a few positions in the police department to be deemed eligible for the job and live a dignified life while serving the nation of India and the state of Bihar as a police officer.

A Bihar police SI is responsible for maintaining peace and order in their particular regions, ensuring that no criminals can escape the reach of the law. The most crucial component of a Bihar police SI’s job profile is to ensure justice, and this must be recognized from the start. Many people might wonder what the salary of Bihar police SI is or the scope of promotion to be seen here. We shall discuss these issues in the article that follows.

Salary of a Bihar Police SI

It has to be noted from the very beginning that any person in India tends to opt for a government job due to the sheer amount of stability it is seen to offer, considering the volatile nature of the job market the world is currently going through. This needs to be understood with due concern because this is the major motivation for vying for government jobs like a Bihar police SI. Therefore, the salary question is something significant to wonder, and here we shall discuss that with due precision to be seen. The following are the observations that can be made:

  • The starting salary of a Bihar police SI hovers around 50000-60000 and is thus in tandem with the sixth pay commission to be seen at large.
  • There is the scope of salary increase in the subsequent years, and it depends on a large number of factors to reckon with.
  • Apart from the salary mentioned above, there are many other benefits like housing rent allowance or dearness allowance. It must be mentioned here that many people are attracted to a Bihar police SI job because of these benefits.

Scope of promotion for a Bihar police SI

No matter in what field of occupation it is seen to be involved in, any job requires a certain scope of promotion to be motivated enough to fulfill their commitments when it comes to the jobs. It is true for the job of a Bihar police SI as well. There is a distinct scope of promotion to be found here, and a Bihar police SI can become an inspector and even reach the rank of assistant superintendent of police someday. There are several intermediate stages that the concerned candidate has to pass through.

Bihar Police SI examinations is to evaluate how the candidate can perform in certain circumstances. There can also be seen what is known as performance appraisal done periodically to deduce how capable someone is of promotion. This goes on to act as a motivation for the candidate as well and in due process, ensuring the best performance from the concerned candidate becomes possible too. You can also visit BYJU’s Exam Prep for more details.


Hence, it is no wonder why many people aspire to become a Bihar police SI. The salary is intriguing with a large number of benefits to be considered here. That is not all. There are immense scopes of promotion that appeal to many too. This article explored some of these facets in detail.

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