What Oscillating Tool Blades Do You Need?

What Oscillating Tool Blades Do You Need?

The oscillating multi-tool is one of the most versatile tools in your shop, and it can be one of your most useful tools. It is possible to sand, polish, cut, grind, scrape, and more using the right accessories for oscillating tools. Besides choosing between corded and cordless oscillating tools, we also have the option to choose between multiple oscillating tool blads and its corded counterpart. Having so many options when it comes to oscillating tool blades is one of the major advantages of this type of power tool; however, the range can be daunting at times. For DIYers, it can often be very difficult to sort through all the blades and accessories available and find the right blades or accessories for their projects. There are various blades available that can be used for oscillating multi-tools, so this piece will look at the different blades and what they can be used for. Among the items on my shopping list are the bi-metal blade for cutting wood and plastic, the semicircular oscillating blade for cutting metal, the carbide grit attachment for cutting through concrete, and the sander attachment for removing unwanted materials, like paint.

Oscillating Blades For Cutting Wood

Using an oscillating tool such as the Cordless Oscillating tool blades is a great way to accomplish many different types of tasks. As a matter of fact, if you have the right blade for your oscillating multi-tool, you can easily use it for cutting through wood. Whenever you have to cut wood, you should choose a blade that has been designed so that it can expel sawdust as you cut. In order to use an oscillating tool for cutting wood, you can purchase a variety of different wood cutting blades. There may be certain situations when a plunge cutter would be preferable to a flush cutter, and there may also be instances where a flush cutter would be preferable. You may want to switch to a bi-metal oscillating tool blade if you need to cut through wood that doesn’t have a nail or some other piece of metal embedded within.

Using A Semi-Circular Blade

Oscillating tools can be useful for cutting metal if they are used correctly, based on the job. For cutting nails and screws, with the bi-metal oscillating tool blades, you can make short work of cutting both wood and metal, and this is especially true for jobs that involve both wood and metal cutting. In case you are attempting to cut a straight line into a thick piece of metal, then it may be best to go with semi-circular metal cutting blades. Blades like these on oscillating multi tool are typically made from steel, and their precision is high, while their toughness also makes them effective in cutting metal without dulling.

Oscillating Tool Accessories For Cutting Concrete

There is no doubt that an oscillating tool such as the Rockwell Sonicrafter F50 will be useful for jobs like cutting wood and metal, but you may not realize that it can sometimes be used for cutting harder materials like concrete and stone as well. The scissor multi-tool can be used to cut and shape concrete by adding a carbide-grit blade to the handle of the multi-tool. Furthermore, you can also use this device to remove grout from a wall.

Wood Cutting Blades For Cutting Plastic

A multi-tool that can cut plastic is also a good tool that you can use to make quick work of other tasks. You will usually not need a blade that was designed especially for cutting plastic. For most plastics, the tools you use for cutting wood are the same ones that you would use for cutting wood. In order to make the most precise cuts possible, DIYers would likely recommend a bi-metal blade that is suitable for cutting PVC and other plastics.

Multi Tool Oscillating Blades For Removing Paint Or Adhesive

Your oscillating tool can also be used to remove paint, wallpaper, and adhesives from various surfaces. You can easily remove a wide assortment of materials from many different areas of a surface with the help of a single scraper blade when used in conjunction with an oscillating tool. If you are intending to use your tool for a wide range of things, such as cleaning, repairing, or installing, you might consider purchasing a tool kit that comes with a wide range of blades for your oscillating tool. There are multiple multi-tool sets that include all of the essentials that most people will use, as well as the option of adding any specialized blades you may need to utilize the oscillating multi-tool.