How Do I Discover Where Is RDP In Windows 7?

If you’re using a computer with Windows XP or Vista, then you need to be aware that Remote Desktop is a new technology in the Windows 7 platform. It’s an innovative application that allows two or more computers to work together via a simple wireless connection. However, in order for your computer to function properly with Remote Desktop it’s important to first know how to set it up. Here’s a quick overview:

– To use RDP in windows 7, you’ll need to first enable remote connections. To do this, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Network and access the icon for enabling remote connections. To make sure the feature is enabled, click the “allows remote connections” check box. You’ll then need to select “OK”. Now, make note of your new enabled Remote Desktop connection in the Control Panel to ensure it’s active before continuing.

– Next you’ll need to select a working program for connecting to another computer. RDP uses the Microsoft Remote Desktop protocol, so it’s not compatible with all programs. However, most commonly you’ll find RDP integrated into programs like HyperTerminal and Microsoft Office 2007. Make sure the programs you want to use support RDP before proceeding to the next step. Some programs won’t automatically detect your operating system; you’ll need to select the appropriate option to make sure it can correctly detect the type of connection you’re trying to establish.

– One of the most important features of RDP is the ability to use multiple connections at once. Once you enable your computer to use another computer’s RDP service, simply use the same mouse click to connect to another computer in its network. The computer you use will appear as a secondary screen to your desktop. To start using it, double-click on the icon representing the program you want to use.

– Finally, your Windows 7 system will need to be restarted after enabling this new RDP connection. This is likely to take just a few seconds. After the restart, you’ll notice that the connection is now working. It’s a quick and simple way to bring up your remote desktop from another computer. If everything was configured correctly, your keyboard and mouse should work as normal.

Now that you know how to establish a remote connection, all you have to do is follow the prompts. If you get stuck, there are plenty of forums dedicated to discussing this topic. Fortunately, setting up an RDP connection is really very easy. Now that you’re familiar with the basics, you can quickly get to work using your new remote desktop connection!