Which Camera do Most of the YouTubers Use

A very important part of starting a YouTube channel is having the right kind of equipment and accessories. It is this equipment that makes vlogging effortless and enjoyable. These tools help you to efficiently create high-quality videos. For instance, if you are using DSLR Camera for Vlogging then this lens tutorial will be very helpful for you to know more about lenses .

Since there are many different kinds of vloggers out there, it would be impossible to choose the best camera for their use; hence I have categorized them according to different types of YouTubers:

1) Casual Vlogger (Point and Shoot Camera)

Casual vloggers like to post short and casual videos mostly on their smartphones or point and shoot cameras. In fact, this is the type of vlogging that most people do on their channels.

According to a survey by Animoto, 82% of bloggers use smartphones for uploading pictures or videos on Tumblr , etc., while 80% use basic point-and-shoot digital cameras .

So if you are a casual vlogger, then go with a camera with a flip screen so you can frame your shots better. If you have been using mobile phone as primary source of video content then now it’s time to upgrade yourself to Point and Shoot Cameras . This post will guide you How To Choose The Best Point & Shoot Camera For YouTube Videos?

2) Educational Vloggers (DSLR + Microphone)

Educational vloggers usually cover a topic around a specific niche and talk about it in their videos. For instance, you use a DSLR to make a makeup tutorial or discuss digital marketing techniques with your audience. You might think that going for an expensive camera is the only solution to get good quality sound but this post on choosing microphones for DSLR will help you choose the right microphone .

According to statistics , 90% of educational bloggers use DSLRs as their primary tools of creating content  and 45% of those who use DSLR cameras say they can’t imagine doing educational blogging without them .

In addition, the survey by Animoto also found out that 30% of bloggers prefer using laptops over smartphones for uploading blog/ vlog content.

So, if you are an educational vlogger, go for a good quality DSLR with tripod , external microphone and shotgun mic . Also make sure to use Vlogging Tripod For Your YouTube Videos . These products will help you create high-quality educational videos that your audience would love to watch.

3) Fashion & Beauty Vloggers (High End Camera + External Lighting)

Fashion & beauty vlogs are all about glamour! High-end camera s with manual settings is what they need for creating stunning image quality. Most fashion and beauty bloggers prefer using DSLRs as their primary equipment for creating content because it helps them achieve better photo/video clarity than point and shoot cameras or smartphones. Not only that, but blogging with demand for high definition images and videos has nearly doubled in the past year. In fact, according to a survey , 70% of bloggers use DSLRs to create content  while 51% of them agreed that they will continue using DSLR even in future .

So if you are a fashion vlogger then go for a good quality DSLR , an external microphone for capturing clear sound and depending upon the amount of light present there, you can either invest in a set of ring lights or beauty dish lights. This post on best photography lighting kits under $100 will help you know more about this type of equipment.

4) Vlogs About Food & Travel (DLSR + Microphone + Steadicam)

Food and travel vlogs are all about capturing the beauty of nature. These types of vloggers can record pretty much anything – from talking about their favorite vine videos to showing people how to make a delicious pizza at home.

So if you are food or travel blogger, then go for DSLR , external microphone  and Steadicam . This product will help you record smooth videos and it’s a must-have for those who travel or run around while recording their vlogs.

5) Pranks & Challenges (High End Camera + External Lighting)

Prankster and challenge vloggers require high quality cameras with manual settings to create stunning image quality. Moreover, they need external lights in order to give their videos that cinematic look.

If you are a prankster or challenge, then go for DSLR and Steadicam . Make sure to use external lighting in most situations (the sun isn’t available when you want it) and make sure your camera doesn’t shake while filming.


No matter what your area of expertise is, it’s important for you to select the right equipment. I hope this post on choosing best point & shoot camera for YouTube videos has helped you understand how different types of vlogs can benefit from specific tools and equipments.

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