why do we need a live band for the wedding?

Everyone wants to be happy and has their own choices. If we talk about music, it plays an important role in our special events. I think there are 10% of people who don’t like music. The majority of the people love music or bands. We consider bands to make our ceremonies special and full of entertainment. In this present age, you can order a live band for wedding

 and special events.

Planning your song and wedding band for your wedding day is very important. It’s subsequent at the list when you have selected your wedding venue, note down your guest, and sorted your subject. So, you have your ceremony, take photos, and cut the cake. 

Now it is a time to allow off a piece of steam, let your hair down and experience your wedding reception. Rom getting your visitors transferring to create an amazing environment, hiring a marriage band might be one of the great things you could do. Here is a listing of motives from The Wedding Secret as to why hiring a live band for wedding would possibly just be the first-class factor you do.

The band is the source of enjoyment at weddings

There are many things that make a wedding memorable, and a dance ground full of guests free into the wee hours of the morning is actually certainly one of them. Music is of top importance on the part of putting the scene on your reception. 

From ceremony to cocktail hour, first dance to the very last performance, music movements the evening alongside and adds an increased level of the environment to those unique moments. An expert live band for wedding, made up of really talented musicians, can navigate all of that and greater.

Memorability and entertainment

A live band’s potential to interact with the crowd, customize songs and play crowd-appealing favorites makes the entire enjoy that rather more exciting and memorable. Having a live wedding band can sincerely increase the temper of reception and make up some of your preferred wedding ceremony day reminiscences for years to come.

Live band in Singapore

Dining out with a circle of relatives and pals is greater fun whilst there’s a live band Singapore. As there are a whole lot of bars, pubs, lounges, and restaurants to select from for that, we have narrowed down your options to 5 locations that have high-quality live songs in Singapore.

All venues offer specific patterns and tune choices. So whether you like a casual, traditional, or new style, our list of eating places with live songs in Singapore has to be capable of offering what you want.

The top 5 places famous for “live band Singapore”

  • Wala wala cafe bar

For those who are searching out a place where they are able to just relax and sense the night breeze as they and enjoy live music in an eating place in Singapore, Wala Wala Cafe Bar may be the proper venue.

This place has a terrace where you could watch the nighttime sky while you do some catching up together with your circle of relatives and buddies! In their menu, they generally have Western cuisine inclusive of pizzas, pasta, chook wings, and greater. You can drop by at their area to loosen up and feature an excellent time and listen to a number of the best live music in Singapore.

  • Crazy elephant

If you’re searching to find a normal and casual bar with a live band Singapore in which you can carry your buddies to hang out and watch live-tune shows, you could visit Crazy Elephant. They have been serving their customers with delicious treats, cocktails, accommodating services, and live songs in Singapore.


You can pay attention to a few rock ‘n’ roll blues tracks performed via their band, The Blues Rock Renegades. There’s additionally a pool table furnished so you can play some games after eating. There are no reservations required, no cowl fees, and no dress codes. You can revel in your visit here for so long as you need, without extra expenses.

  • Hard rock cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is easy to find. Drop by means of every time you need to enjoy energetic music for the duration of the weekends. If you are partial to American classics but need a twist or something like that, then you definitely should take a risk on their eating menu. 

Along with their cocktails and mocktails, you could really experience exact meals and precise organization right here. This is a pinnacle move-to, conventional area if you virtually need good food and a memorable live band Singapore.

  • Blu Jaz

Are you in the mood for some jamming sessions whilst sipping your favorite cocktail? Go ahead and allow your self revel in the multi-leveled bar of Blujaz Cafe. They take delight in their choice of food and drinks that completely fit the full ambiance and tune within the vicinity.

Every day, distinctive corporations and bands perform in Bluejaz Cafe and they’re free of fees. This plus a bunch of low-priced snacks and liquids will really make your night a blast. Should you want to the vicinity to have your personal celebration settled, the bar also accommodates such.

  • Maduro

Maduro is quite particular and different from your live band eating place in Singapore.

Do you pick listening to classical track while having some wine or whisky then Maduro might be the appropriate venue for you? Just from a look at this lounge bar, you could at once see the fashionable layout and full-level setup in which classical song streams are performed all through the day. At their bar, they have got a vintage series of wine and whiskey.

They also offer other classic cocktails. With their tune classes and drink selections, they are indeed one of the pinnacle bars with the nice live band Singapore.


Your wedding ceremony band doesn’t need to play at your wedding ceremony reception. If you hired them for the day, you may ask them to play every time you need, or maybe hire other musicians to highlight particular factors of the ceremony. The simplest limit is your imagination. You also can have your wedding band or musician play at your wedding

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