Why Hotmail not sending emails


In the following paragraphs, as there isn’t a person monitoring your account – it’s entirely automated, you might have accidentally set off bounds checking. This information must be considered with a pinch of salt (as you can prove that you’re not guilty of misuse of the service). You can write a note for the Hotmail staff via the listed email address or go to WLSC.

If all else goes wrong and you can not send emails from Hotmail, it’s just as good as mine. Try sending emails using other accounts. It is possible to get an account for Gmail account for free. Gmail account that functions as the Hotmail not sending emails.

You are creating an email address. Is it exact and correct?

First, I’m assuming you can compose and mail emails via Hotmail. Make sure the email address you send to is valid. It is possible to confirm this by contacting the recipient. Messages sent to accounts that are not in existence can result in an email getting bounced back and returning to sender!

Problem with email attachments

As of the writing time, Hotmail lets you send email attachments of up to 10MB (free account). You are seeking to send a file that is too big? Additionally, Hotmail can not send messages with attachments it believes could cause harm to the host system or recipient’s system. Try sending a message without attachments, and test if it passes.

You might also need to know the best way to send a huge attachment to an email.


Browser support

If the email composition window cannot open, the web browser you’re using is not compatible with Hotmail. In this instance, you should use a web-based browser – there are numerous free programs to choose from. Check out the list of available browsers. This is because the technology used by Hotmail cannot work when the new browser is launched (has been done before) and with the older versions.

One of the most common cases is that of Firefox users who discovered that Hotmail isn’t tied to the message originally forwarded and then answered.


Breaking through the limitations established by Hotmail

Hotmail cannot send an email if you’ve exceeded the limit of messages allowed to be sent by Hotmail. This issue is often faced by those who use Hotmail fullness. Why do you allow unlimited email accounts using Hotmail? To ensure that spammers (the poor ones) cannot misuse the system. Every webmail service is plagued by spammers (? millions) who have sent tens of hundreds of spam messages. Hotmail’s automatic checks will determine to see if you have an account. If you do not activate it, you won’t be able to send an email.

Problems sending email from a Hotmail email account that is new

Earn points when you forward to help protect them from being a victim of spam. Hotmail has a lower limit for sending email messages to the account, and this limit is gradually raised (possibly automated) just like previously. In other words, if you’ve posted many emails since the dates of creation of your email account, the Hotmail not working will not be able to comprehend the reason for the excitement. It will consider you a spammer or a user who is abusing the service.

The new users will also have to be verified by Windows Live Hotmail verification. This is to verify that the account is managed by a person and not a bot, and it will also remove Hotmail from having to verify your account every time.


Hotmail account is blocked to send emails?

A Hotmail account can be stopped from sending emails if the system believes the user has behaved like a spammer! If you get a message that says, “This account is blocked from sending emails, Please read the article for more information and get the issue solved with the help of the staff at Hotmail.


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