Why Is GTA San Andreas APK So Popular?

Why Is GTA San Andreas APK So Popular?

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK is one of the best open-world games out there for android and quite rightly so, it comes from the god of open-world games, Rockstar.
Rockstar is well known for their popular open-world titles for a long time. GTA Vice City, we could say was the first most popular title from Rockstar in the open-world action adventure genre which every 90’s kid would remember.
It was more than just a game to many of the players, even after decades people still play the game and partly because Rockstar GTA titles allow player so much freedom that no other game does, especially the cheats which allows you to do some pretty awesome that you wouldn’t be able to do normally.

Is GTA San Andreas APK worth playing in 2021?

GTA San Andreas came a few years later after GTA VC in 2004 and it became quite popular amongst the game fanatics, so much so that Rockstar actually decided to release an android version of the game so that everyone can get a piece of this masterpiece of a game. And even after all these years, there is no game that stands close to this wonderful title which makes it one of the most played open-world game for android.
So if you ask me, if GTA San Andreas is worth playing in 2021, I would say “heck yes” even if you decide to play the game after 5 or even 10 years, I am sure it would be as amazing as it is right now.
Rockstar, over the years have perfected the formula of creating the best open-world titles. The game offers so much to the players aside from the main quest or storyline, the side missions are as fun as anything but the best part about GTA San Andreas APK is the freedom to so anything you want, be it messing around with the police for fun (something I love the most), customize your rides, go out on dates with your virtual girlfriend, get into gang fights and so much more to spend all your time on.

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