Wild Blood Mod Apk

Wild Blood Mod Apk

Wild Blood games are designed according to the story of the ancient ruler King Arthur and his knight. In which the wife of the king Arthur loved the knight, a roundtable warrior of the king. The King became jealous when he came to know about the romance of his wife, Queen Guinevere, and his knight named Lancelot. King Arthur took Guinevere prisoner on the mystical island of Avalon with the help of his sister, the power enchanter Morgana Le Fey. 

She opened the Hellgate to allow the entry of all the devils and Hell monsters to the world as the outrage of King Arthur. Now in Wild Blood Mod Apk, you have to fight against the dark powers as a Knight Lancelot and save the queen by using different powers and weapons. Download Bomb it Up App for bulk Sms prank. 

Grab wild blood free from Google Play Store directly for your Smartphone or by downloading its “Apk File” from Google.

Features of Wild Blood Mod Apk:

Let’s discuss the exciting features of the wild blood Apk mod, which are as follows:

  • Mission:

In wild blood, you have to complete the mission of freeing up Queen Guinevere and protect the world and people as a Lancelot knight from the evil powers and with the help of weapons spread by the Morgana Le Fey on the orders of King Arthur because of his wrath. You will face 20enemies.

  • Challenging Levels:

Each level is more daring and tougher than the former level. You need to fight with strategy and war skills to complete and qualify the levels and defeat the evil powers. For this all you should be fully equipped.

  • Weapons and Equipment:

To fight any battle, you should be loaded with weapons and equipment according to the type of war. In a wild blood Apk game, you always need to keep three weapons with you, like axes, hammers, your glorious sword, and longbows. You can select yours from the variety of weapons. You need armor that should be stronger enough to shield your powers and you from the monstrous enemies. You can choose from distinctive armor sets, which are as, ice spark and electricity effects. Your weapons will affect the monsters according to their properties and strength. Cash App ++ App is also Available to download and earn money online.

  • Upgrade the items:

Upgrade all the items according to the strength of the enemies by causing them more harm. Level up the items and Lancelot with bonuses IAP and with the help of real money.

  • Bonuses:

Whenever you pass any level, you are rewarded with little bonuses which will be helpful to unlock many other features.

  • Unlimited Money:

The modded version of wild blood Apk offers the premium feature of unlimited money which includes unlimited Gems, Diamonds, and Money. This feature makes your game more enjoyable.

  • Unlocked Characters:

Now no need to worry about changing the character. The latest version of this gameplay provides you the facility of all characters unlocked. You can choose any of them freely.

  • Multiplayer Mod: 

It has two modes to play in, the AI mode in which you play alone and are free to fight. On the other hand, is Death match (4v4) mode which allows you to play in a team of a maximum of 8 people with coordination?  You can get it on Google Play Store.

  • Graphics:

It has stunning 3D graphics. When you play it you feel like you are watching a picture.

  • Sound:

It has realistic sound effects that you listen to the piercing voices of every demon.


Wild Blood Android is a mind-blowing game. People who like horror movies will choose it because it has a dark theme. End the evil and spread the virtue.