Fortnite is a rare example of a game that will not only make you want to play it, but also dress up as your favorite characters. You love the game and you want to represent it with the best Fortnite skins. Epic has made it easy for you by introducing adorable collections of licensed crossover characters and in-house original designs. You know how to look good, so you’ll definitely have an edge in the game!

Fandom is a new startup that aims to connect creators, celebrities and fans through their best qualities. While it’s true that many people aspire to be the next Fortnite pro, very few can actually dance like Miley Cyrus. Still, many of us do have something special to share — whether you’re an author, a YouTuber or just a gamer. You can put that in the spotlight with Fandom.

List of Skins

Toon Meowscles

Meowscles is an already awesome piece of art created by Fortnite fan artist RexSadio. After acquiring the character from Rex, Epic has since reimagined Meowscles into a golden age cartoon character a la Steamboat Willy.


Jules is one of the most important characters in RLCS lore. Because of her prominent role, she’s been reimagined several times, and the community loves her alternate styles. Her original appearance allowed players to recreate their favorite RLCE moments from season 3. Umbra is a sidekick character that has been reimagined several times, which gives players more options to show off their favorite look.


Ubisoft has announced that the edgy and controversial superhero, God of War’s Kratos, will be making his video game crossover debut in their new action adventure title, For Honor. The announcement comes just three months after the inclusion of Lara Croft in the game.

Kratos is the first Fortnite character that gamers can actually be genuinely scared of. Why? Because his eyes are crazy, duh. This is a brawler game. Berating your child for not completing their homework before playing doesn’t count as brawlin’. Kratos is the first Fortnite character who’s actually super scary. That makes him better than anyone else!

Relaxed Fit Jonesy

Relaxed Fit Jonesy is ready for whatever comes his way! Ready to get out there and meet some friends? Jonesy can take you along. Want to kick back on the couch at home? Still got your bff by your side. He’s got a beer belly and doesn’t mind getting beer spilled all over his sweater, but he’ll still be there with a smile when you need him the most.

Galaxy Grappler

The Galaxy Grappler is the first skin to match its namesake in both flair and power. This bold redesign of Galaxy-themed skins takes you on a cosmic journey over the four seasons, and includes a new winter-themed sub skin in both male and female flavors. The Galaxy Grappler is an original take on the theme of space; it’s sure to be popular among those who love galactic adventures.


Whether you’re a Fortnite veteran or a newcomer to the Battle Royale game, you’ve probably noticed that everyone is playing it. And it’s not surprising considering how much fun it can be to jump on a giant flying bus, go on an adventure and shoot at strangers with a rainbow shotgun. I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that?

Doctor Slone

In season 2 of the beloved show, Doctor Slone premiered. While we’re still unsure whether we can trust her to save the day, she is a go-to in locker presets because of her varied and often questionable customization options.

We love a girl who can go from the battlefield to the ballroom in two seconds flat. That’s why we designed Slone with so many different outfit options. In battle, she can take down an enemy team with her combat tactics and anarchy launcher. Or she can be sweet as pie by slipping out of her gear and into a killer party look as soon as you get back to base.


Mancake is a man — and a gun-slinging one at that. His primary residence is in the beloved Butter Barn, but several years ago he began to experience noticeable signs of pancake regression; if he continues degenerating at a steady pace, it’s questionable whether he’ll be able to fulfill his duty as sole remaining protector of the Butter Barn.

Boundless Set

Your imagination has no limits! With the Boundless game, you can create your own superhero, choosing everything from their powers to their uniform. Everything is customizable, and every character is original. And we mean everything. Backlash, for example, comes with a set of goggles that glow red when you activate them — they seriously light up! Coolest part? This really makes Backlash stand out in a crowd.

You are Boundless. You are only limited by your imagination. If you don’t like the limitations of other games, if you worry about their potential for stifling your creativity and locking you into one path, then Boundless is the game for you. Create your own hero from over 100 different combinations, aka origin stories, to ensure that no two heroes are quite alike.

Daryl and Michonne

The Fortnite Anniversary event is here, and with it comes a ton of new cosmetic outfits for each character. But some are better than others, in my opinion. Like, oh say, the two outfits inspired by Telltale’s The Walking Dead? I CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT THEM! It’s so cool how they captured the style of the clothing and weapons from the game, but then twisted it to fit with The Walking Dead universe.

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