Yes, games have a strong role in human life, and it is highly effective in grooming the mental and physical personality of a kid. The growth of human beings starts from childhood, which is why kids are always recommended to play such profitable and enjoyable games for them.

Today, we are sharing with you the top 5 memory games that your kid would love to play.

1. Ben 10 Match Up: Card Matching Game

Ben 10 has been one of the most liked Cartoon Network’s characters. Even today, many teenagers love watching its episodes. Based on that, this game is created to exercise your mind. The game shows you four cards for a second and turns them around to match them. 

This is an exciting game to play as you have t remember the glimpse and match the cards accordingly. You get points and move higher in the points tally with each point.

Memory Games
Ben 10 Match Up

2. Boss Baby Matching Pairs:

If your kid isn’t a fan of any special cartoon character, you can give this game a try. As the name suggests, it is a kid character from the cartoon series “The Boss Baby.” You can start this game with EASY mode and move further to Extra Hard. Your kid will definitely love the kid’s sound effect that comes whenever you miss or crack the match.

Memory Games
Boss Baby Matching Pairs

3. Color Maze:

This is another interesting game for the kids. Here they have to match the wall blocks with the same color and get additional moves. Initially, you get 100 moves that increase as you make correct color matches.

Start to find the blocks with the color that comprises your primary block. The best part about this game is that your kid can play it conveniently on the phone, as it runs in portrait mode.

Memory Games
Color Maze

4. Color Sequence:

Another good option for your kid is the Color Sequence. This is a musical pattern game that is blended with the color sequence. Every color has a musical mode that makes a sequence. Your kid has to note the sequence made by the system and repeat it with manual clicks. It is a fantastic game that requires understanding the musical mode and following the exact same sequence to score higher.

Memory Games
Color Sequence

5. Elon Tweets:

If your kid is tech-savvy and is more indulged in technology gadgets/games, this is a great game to try. Your kid has to identify the cryptocurrency based on their logos. You have to remember the logos and pair them within a given timeframe.

Elon Tweets

Interestingly, all these games are free to play and don’t require heavy system configuration. These are browser-based games that your kids can play anytime they want. Above all, they don’t put the load on the processor. 

If you are searching for a reliable and legit platform to play these games, consider It is a website full of games listed under multiple categories. You can choose from a wide range of online games and helps your kid increase their mental strength. Above all, these games are free to play; hence, you don’t need any paid subscriptions.

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