Video games are a diverse ecosystem, with different players looking for different things from the games they play. And yet, what brings us all together is a love of not paying too much money for stuff we don’t need. Every single human being alive has felt this way at one point or another and will feel it again when playing Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Skins of Cobra Kai Set

The Cobra Kai Set is great because of its versatility and fabulous graphics. The 4 individual Fortnite skins are each sold separately at 800 V Bucks or you can purchase the set itself for 2000 V Bucks from the Dojo Showdown Bundle. This means you can purchase only the parts of your favourite skin set that you like, which is particularly useful for those tight on time and money.

Cobra Kai features five exclusive skins, which include Karateka Jones, Kumite Clasher and Brawler Black Belt. These skins are the perfect choice for those who enjoy the Martial Arts and want something different than regular skin sets. Moreover, players can personalize their skins by choosing from one of three dojos, each with their own special set of skills.


The Bullseye skin is ready for battle! With three style options, this skin will be ready for any occasion. From the rainy to the snowy, you’ll be able to change from a bright yellow to a deep green in the blink of an eye — and the best part? It’s now available for only 800 V-Bucks!!! (prices subject to change).

The Bullseye shows an image of a woman in a tank top with a heart-shaped bullseye on her chest. The Pixel Heart variation changes the bullseye to a pixelated heart. Both icons are great tools for designers and developers to test their websites and apps, as well as create high resolution mockups that show the design trumps the actual data or technology used behind the scenes.

Ranger Red-nosed

Jonesy was a little scared when he was chosen to wear the Red Nose for the very first time. He was afraid that people would laugh at him for wearing it, but he got over it — and quickly realized that that was how he made his teammates feel less nervous! And then they all won!

Ranger Red-Nosed is a seasonal skin available in item shop just 800 V bucks. Equipping this festive ranger will show your spirit Christmas, and save you a ton of cash compared to the current price of a Santa suit. Red-Nosed Ranger is the warmest way to show off your holiday cheer, and it won’t have you sitting on any naughty-lists.

Aura Analyzer

You can now call on the Ghostbusters to help you stay safe in Fortnite — and boy, are you going to need their assistance. With Season 4 in full swing and the Wild West-themed Chapter 2 underway, a new character has joined the fray: Aura Analyst. From now until September 26th, you can purchase her separately or use V-Bucks to get her in the Standard or Deluxe Founder’s Packs.

The Fortnite community is one of the most vibrant and creative gaming communities around, and they certainly know a thing or two about style. So when they found out that someone was designing a new outfit inspired by the game — but led by an actual community member who shares the same passion for gaming as we all do! — it was only natural for them to want to get their hands on it.


Birdie first appeared in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 8. She’s a pink-loving golfer with a baseball cap (and no heels, thankfully). Although Birdie came in second place at one point during the season, she still rose to fame — and has been keeping her eye on the prize ever since.

If you’re up for a little bit of color, here it is. This outfit of Birdie is the same as Default Birdie, except the all-pink outfit is black and purple. Pair with the Driver harvesting tool in the Teed Off Set, and head out on the fairway to get first place in Fortnite Battle Royale.

King Flamingo

The season pass for Season 9: Wild Frontier features a brand-new flamingo-themed set. From King Flamingo to the Flamingo Set, these items pack a punch and are perfect for any fan of the flamingo. You can find this new set coming into the Epic Games Item Shop soon!

Man in the costume: Jonesy. Avian royalty with flair and a loyal following. Unique too – no one else looks quite like him! Some people dream of meeting the King, but if you want the most out of life and are ready to break some hearts then get your hands on King Flamingo today!

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