A good puzzle never ceases to puzzle us, be it word puzzle games like Crossword Puzzles or math puzzles like Sudoku. Even the Rubik’s cube puzzle is quite hard to crack on the first attempt. Most importantly, these games can eat away our spare time productively. For example, how many times did you try solving Sudoku or placing correct words to complete the Crossword? Besides being engrossing, these games benefit us in many ways. For example, the jumbled word or crossword puzzle increases our English vocabulary. Likewise, Sudoku amplifies our analytical skills. And, they are pretty fun to indulge in for hours, minus any side effects.

Of course, you are not oblivious to the benefits of mind puzzle games‘. Hence, we take you straight to the games that require your ingeniousness to complete. Are you ready for the mind puzzling challenge? Then, dig in!

6 Best Mobile Puzzle Games that Puzzle every Genius

#1. Candy Popper 2

Candy Popper is one of the most engaging mobile puzzle games so far. The soothing sound of pop gives immense pleasure to your ears every time you match the candies. You start the game by placing the matching-colored candies in a row and keep popping them before the candy trail increases. Once your trail expands, you will find building a unique row of matching candies quite challenging. The tick-tock of the timer constantly reminds you that you are at a losing end. You can simply lose the tasty, twisty candy game unless you make your fingers move fast.

#2. Cube Puzzle

Unlike Rubik’s puzzle, this particular cube puzzle game online is quite tricky to win, even though the mechanics sound simpler than the former. Here, you will have a puzzle dashboard and puzzle pieces of varying shapes and sizes dropping in. With the help of quick-mindedness, you have to place the elements in a way that a row or a column is complete without any empty boxes. That is no child’s play, especially when the pieces rarely match the ones already placed on the puzzle board. Also, you have the timer constantly ticking away. Get as many rows and columns completed before the clock sounds the final bell.

Tricky, isn’t it? And you thought Rubik was a hard nut to crack!

#3. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope: Magic s centered around a single character, OM Nom, who is forever hungry for candies. But these candies are hanging on ropes, which require snipping at specific angles to ensure the candies drop inside Om Nom’s mouth. That’s not all; many hurdles will come to prevent OM Nom from munching his favorite candies. You have to maneuver the droppings intelligently or use air cushions or bubbles to avoid the loss of Nom’s meal. Once Mr. Nom is fed well, you will enter a magical sequel to play more with him. However, feeding him is not easy, especially when you get just 3-5 minutes of gaming.

#4. Fruit Match 3

How about a fruity, juicy game break? Sounds tempting – right? Well! Fruit Match 3 is one of the best mobile puzzle games to indulge in during short breaks. The game is as refreshing and juicy as it sounds, with all the delicious fruits waiting to be sliced in a row of three, matching the one sitting next to it and the other following. As you keep eliminating the matched fruits, you can release butterflies and beetles from the board lying hidden underneath the fruits. However, the real challenge comes when the puzzle board increases with more fruits added to the queue, and few moves are left to match the game.

Do you think you can complete the fruity puzzle on time? Think again!

#5. Roll the Ball

It is one of the classic puzzle games for android mobile with a slight, rolling twist.

Any guesses?

Well! As the name suggests, you have to roll the ball. Sounds simple? Wait till you hear the actual catch, and that being, the steel ball is steered and moved along an invisible path to reach the exit. That hidden path is something you have to construct within a limited period of time by sliding the tiles accordingly. Now, the tiles are arranged in a jigsaw puzzle, which, when solved, reveals the hidden path for your ball to roll easily and exit the maze. The game can drive you to your wit’s end. But, this game can seriously help you to sharpen your analytical skills. So, what do you think – are you up for the challenge?

#6. Sudoku

One of the classic number puzzles of all time, Sudoku can be a tricky game to handle. It requires hours of practice and deep concentration. Even though the rules are simple, the challenges aren’t. And, you don’t need a profound knowledge of arithmetic to crack the number code, just a tad bit of basic calculation. To play, you have to fill the empty blocks with numbers from 1-9 in each row and column without any duplicates. It might sound like a piece of cake to you, but Sudoku gets trickier with each passing level. Your reasoning and deduction skills are well tested alongside your process of elimination. You need all of those skills to complete Sudoku.

Are you ready to challenge your skills with these mobile puzzle games?

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