7 Best Tips for Editing Your Gaming Videos In 2022

After the recent pandemic, the world has started going online rapidly. Since everyone is stuck within the confines of their homes, sectors such as gaming and entertainment have seen a meteoric rise in numbers. Videos are the media of choice for the foreseeable future. This is reflected by the most popular social media apps which are Instagram and TikTok these days. Of late, the number of gaming streamers and content creators has increased by a large percentage on websites like YouTube and Twitch.

Streaming games and uploading montages professionally has proven to be a lucrative opportunity for many content creators these days, and more and more people have started considering it to be a serious career option. Here are seven tips to help you edit your gaming videos in 2022:

Make Sure You Are Running The Game Optimally

One thing you must keep in mind as a gaming content creator is to keep a balance between the video quality of the game and the performance that you require to get out of your computer. At least being capable of running most games at 60 Frames Per Second (FPS) in 1080p resolution is recommended if you wish to record your gameplay. Make sure no lag or glitch affects your gameplay when you are capturing footage as they can lead to poor video quality, and the editing process will become more time-consuming because you will have to cut the bad parts out. It is also possible to have a top-of-the-line gaming computer and still get low frames per second due to wrong settings options that limit your computer’s output by locking the frame rate to a specific amount.

Change The Color Settings

Once you start editing your recorded footage, you should consider color-correcting your videos. Begin by tweaking the saturation and brightness controls to make fine details look clear to the viewer. The goal is to achieve sharp, vibrant videos that are appealing and high-quality. Most modern video editors come with sufficient color-correction tools from the beginning. Another component of coloring is color-grading, in which you enhance or alter the color of the footage to portray a visual tone or mood to the audience.

Choose The Right Software

Choosing the right software for your video editing needs is of utmost importance. Keep your requirements in mind when hunting for a capable games video editor because you do not want to end up in a situation where you have paid for an editor that was not designed thinking about video editors like you. If you are making videos like walkthroughs, where you do not have to edit much at all, you can probably get away with using something like the YouTube editor. If your needs are of a higher level, you will need to get better software meant for professional, high-quality work. InVideo is an online games video editor with all the tools you will need to edit gaming videos. It comes with a gargantuan collection of pre-recorded gaming templates that you can customize and use as your own without much hassle.

Include Audio In Your Video

You should not upload your video to the internet without any audio. Audio adds depth and a whole new layer to your already engaging video. You can add a song that complements the emotion of the video, or you can add your voice comments over the video to help people understand the context of the video better. Make sure you use a high-quality microphone to record your voice, as a subpar microphone will give you poor results with a distorted and unpleasant sound.

Keep It Short

You need to trim the parts of the footage that are not as happening as the others because gaming footage is typically very lengthy, but the attention spans of viewers on video streaming platforms are very short, and you do not want to bore them with uninteresting clips that will make them want to close your video and forget about your channel. Many gaming content creators face a different problem as well, where they cannot post lengthy videos to platforms because of file size restrictions. To combat this issue, cut your long videos into shorter clips that are easier to upload and will generate more revenue for you as they will lead to more advertisement-supported videos on your channel.

Add A Relevant Thumbnail

Do not be like the content creators who upload videos with irrelevant thumbnails for views. To get organic growth on your channel, you should go through your footage in the video editing software and select the frame you feel would look the most appealing and appropriate for your content. Vibrant thumbnails attract viewers and make them think that the video is going to be engaging and entertaining. You can include one of your best facial expressions in the thumbnail, or you can use an intriguing gameplay detail in it to pique the interest of potential viewers.

Keep Ample Backup

It is easy to get carried away with the flow when you are playing games and recording videos, but you should never forget to keep saving your work when you are editing and to keep multiple backups of your footage. A time-tested backup technique that can help you in this area is the 3-2-1 rule. The 3-2-1 rule states that you should have 3 copies of your data on 2 different types of media, and 1 of the copies is to be kept in a different physical location than the others to protect from area-specific disasters that would otherwise leave you data-less.


Now that we stay home for prolonged periods, more and more people have started playing video games regularly. This has also led to significant growth in the viewer base of gaming video creators. It is easy to record your gameplay as a player because it requires no skills or talents. Editing the recorded footage, however, is not as easy as some may think. We hope that this article has helped you in editing your gaming videos to make them more interesting and action-packed for your viewers.

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