A Rundown of Old School RuneScape’s 2021 Christmas Event

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Old School RuneScape’s 2021 Christmas Event is finally underway where players can earn cool rewards.

It’s that time of the year again! The Christmas season is upon us, and what better way to get into a festive mood in Old School RuneScape than with an event just for the momentous occasion? Christmas events aren’t anything new in video games these days – almost all online games have them. In the case of OSRS, players can easily net OSRS gold and exclusive items for December. This is because December 16 marks the first day of the OSRS Christmas event. So what exactly does the shindig involve? How long will it last? And, most importantly, what rewards are available for those who chose to participate and complete it?

The Duration of OSRS 2021 Christmas Event is Still Unknown

If you’re planning to join in on the Christmas fun in Old School RuneScape to collect OSRS gold, you better do it right away, because OSRS’ official wiki doesn’t currently list an end date for the 2021 Christmas event. Looking at the past events, this indicates that the event is likely to conclude sometime in the second week of January 2022. An equivalent event ran in 2020 (OSRS Christmas Event 2020) from December 9 to January 6; the timeline is also relatively close to the duration of the 2019 and 2918 OSRS Christmas Event.

Compared to the previous years, the 2021 OSRS Christmas Event starts later than usual. That in itself suggests that the end date will be slightly later than usual too, with the possibility of it being extended until the third week of January.

What to Expect in OSRS’ 2021 Christmas Event

During the event, you must help the Squire clean Sir Vyvin’s armor by obtaining the necessary ingredients for a secret recipe. You’ll have to search for the missing OSRS items, build snowmen, and solve riddles to acquire all of the ingredients.

Everything starts when you’re outside of the White Knights’ Castle in Falador. Speak to the Squire and he’ll dramatically say that his “life is over” due to an accident. As the Squire will be playing the part of Santa for the grotto in the Falador Christmas festival, he was in a rush to get his things ready. Without noticing it, he put his Santa outfit in the wash together with Sir Vyvin’s white armor. The result? Well, the gleaming, white and shiny armor has turned pink! If the white-turned-pink armor can’t be cleaned before the festival, the Squire will be fired from his job, leveling him essentially homeless with nowhere to turn to. Luckily for him, you can offer to help and clean Sir Vyvin’s armor so that he can focus on his other priorities.

The Squire knows of a magical cleaning potion that can get the stains out of anything. To craft the potion in question, he’ll need a few OSRS items which he’ll be combining using a secret recipe. Much to your dismay, the Squire has none of the required items. Your job is to bring the three ingredients needed to craft the potion: a festive holly, a festive white wine, and a festive cinnamon.

Getting the Ingredients

To get all three ingredients, you’ll be running about like a headless chicken to talk to the villagers of Falador. To get the festive holly, talk to Cecilia who’s on the bridge near Falador Park. She’s been running the Secret Santa for the Falador Christmas Festival, but things have gone haywire. She has the presents ready for the event but doesn’t know who to deliver them to! Your job is to deliver the three packages to the correct person by solving the riddles. By doing so, Cecilia will give you the festive holly as a reward.

For the festive wine, talk to Larry who’s in the south area of the Falador Party Room. According to him, Gurl and Buoy need help in building their snowman. Simply converse with the two children to see what’s the problem and assist them in building the snowman of their dreams. To start, you’ll need a spade. Conveniently, there’s one in a snow pile directly outside of Larry’s house. After helping the children, talk to Larry to receive the festive wine.

Finally, the festive cinnamon can be acquired by starting a quest from Herquin in the gem shop. Herquin is planning to bake some gingerbread gnomes for the Falador Christmas Festival. Unfortunately, he’s run out of chocolate chips and none of the shops have them available. To get the festive cinnamon (which Herquin has), you’ll have to exchange two bags of chocolate chips for it. Luckily, there’s a nice, grassy area filled with bushes and trees in the south of Herquin’s house where you can collect those bags. Simply head on over there to search the bushes until you find them and return to Herquin so he can give you the festive cinnamon.

Final Remarks

That’s pretty much it for OSRS’ 2021 Christmas Event! Of course, all that hard work will be rewarded. Players who choose to complete the quests will receive OSRS gold and a range of festive rewards such as an elf hat, a Secret Santa present, and a snowman ring. While the event isn’t exactly grandiose, it’s nice to feel the Christmas season in the MMORPG. What do you think about the event? Will you be joining in on the fun? Let us know down below!

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