With the football season coming up, it’s getting to be about that time again. Fantasy Football Season is upon us. Season long fantasy, daily fantasy sports, and now fantasy rankings.

Before fantasy football rankings were only created by experts in the industry, but more people have started to create their own. The RancUp mobile app has made setting your own rankings easy, where now anyone can do it. While these rankings can be set before the season kicks off, they can also do weekly rankings.

So if you think Josh Allen is going to repeat his performance at the QB1 for the upcoming season but you think he may not put up elite numbers Week 1 (against that Ram defense), you can set either or both of those rankings. These rankings are also not just for quarterbacks, but for each of the usual suspects, including running back, wide receiver, tight end, kicker, and defense.

The way it has been made easy is that instead of having to do what others did in the past, where they would type every player’s name in Excel or Sheets, the app preloads every player. In addition to having all the players available, you can set a base ranking using data such as projections, total point, or points per game. Once you have your base set, you can just drag and drop players up or down, depending on where you think they will finish. You can also tap where they are currently ranked, then tap where you want them to be ranked. No need for any typing, copying, or pasting. It is all just really fast and seamless.

In addition to the tools that make the process of setting the rankings easy, they also provide analytics to help make the tough decisions. There are also the upcoming weather forecasts for each week, so if you are concerned about a quarterback or wide receiver and want to see if there are going to be fierce winds, that is all there.

The app tracks accuracy too, so while anyone can set their rankings, and share them out, you can see who the real experts are. If you want to see who the most accurate is for a certain position, over a certain period, it is all possible within the Standings program.

Last year, there were some that did not rank accurately for every position, but had a strong grasp of certain ones, which built up their credibility. For those that followed, there was a clear QB Whisperer in 2021. With some just plugging Mahomes in at QB1 each week, some were able to correctly predict when he would be outside the top 10, causing some to really zone in on their rankings each week after.  These bold takes were what set some apart from the pack.

In addition to there now being an even playing field where anyone can set their fantasy football rankings and compete against each other, all these rankings are pooled to create the largest consensus rankings out there.

The platform allows anyone who is setting their rankings to explain their thought process, and anyone can comment on them. So, whether you are someone setting your rankings to prove you are the most accurate, commenting on other’s rankings while looking for some advice in your weekly matchup, or just viewing the massive consensus, it seems like there is something for everyone. To start setting your rankings or comments on others, you can download the mobile app and get started right away.

The big question is, who will be the most accurate ranker this season? Only time will tell, but with how many more have been setting their rankings each year, it could very well be someone who just started setting their own rankings this year.

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