Today we are discussing how long is a soccer game lasts. In soccer, the players are entitled to a break that cannot exceed 15 minutes. It is Law 7 of the Football Regulations and drafted by the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

What is the regular time for a football match?

Around the world, it is accepted that football matches are played for 90 minutes, divided into two. These meetings oppose two teams each having 11 players including 10 fields and a goalkeeper Thus, the match is divided into periods of 45 minutes. These Judi Bola Gila are called half-time. Each half may have time added to compensate for minutes lost due to substitutions and injuries. Here is an overview of the genesis of this allocation of time in football matches as well as the factors that influence its arrangement.

The regulation time of a football match

To find out where the length of a football match comes from, you have to go back to the north of England. At one time, the various football associations were responsible for creating their own rules. A straight answer to how long is a soccer game has no standardized rules format had yet been formed. although it was already being talked about as an achievement in football. The Sheffield rules were one of the main ones that were used, and which spread to Yorkshire and the north of England, and the Midlands. In 1866, London and Sheffield faced each other in a match. And had to decide how long it should take, with the two associations having matches of different lengths at that time.

The compromise was set at 45 minutes per half for a total of 90 minutes, although this was not formalized until 1897.

1877 was the year the Sheffield Football Association and the FA decided to join forces, creating a set of rules that would be used for all of football.  Regarding both the length of football matches and the number of people who could play on each of the participating teams.

The new law stipulated that football matches lasted 90 minutes unless both teams agreed otherwise before the start of the match. This does not mean that these FA rules have been accepted globally. It took some time before the exact duration of a football match was effective everywhere.

The duration of a period of a football match

A football match is divided into two periods, each period lasting 45 minutes.

The team’s switch ends at the start of the second half. Before the start of the game, the team that wins the toss chooses the side of the stadium where they will protect their goal in the first half. The end of the first half sees a 15-minute break to allow the teams time to rest and readjust their tactics according to the course of the meeting.

Extra time during a football match

Coming into play in the 1897 amendments concerning English football, extra time to determine the winner of a game was much needed. Before that, teams could keep playing until there was a winner. This often led to very long meetings.

Extra time indicates an additional 30 minutes after the end of the 90 minutes. This comes into play if a winner is not determined after the regular 90 minutes, with the 30 minutes being split into 15-minute halves.

Additional time in a football match

Additional time is added after the traditional Judi Bola Gila playing time of 45 minutes in each half. This time is determined by the minutes lost on the pitch during half-time. Due to injuries, substitutions, and any other external facet such as time wasted by the teams.


A football match usually lasts 1h30 min according to established standards. Depending on the decisions of the match referee, this time may be increased by a few minutes. For the youngest football matches, the duration is often less than 90 minutes.



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