Lost Ark Guardians are powerful creatures in the world of Acrasia, created using ark fragments to protect them from demons. Some of them went to the dark side, so the balance of the world was disturbed. Players must restore balance by fighting everyone in a squad of four. You’ll get various resources, sharpening equipment, and some¬†Lost Ark Gold for the victory. However, fighting the Guardians is not an easy task, requiring understanding boss mechanics and well-coordinated team action.

Guardians are premium content, available after reaching level 50 and completing the North Bern story quest. Currently, there are 8 Guardians on the server, and the developers will add new level 3 and 4 bosses in the future. Each ward is tied to a specific gear level, so you can’t fight them all at once. The most valuable reward for killing mobs is a set of five items that provide several passive bonuses.

Murder function

The battle with each boss is unique due to their skills, but the mechanics of passing the ball are always the same. To join a hunting party’s search, you’ll need to find a red-marked bulletin board in a city. Next, you need to select a specific guardian and click on Find Group.

Once inside the instance, you will not be able to use the standard health bank. Only three jars with percent recovery were available for treatment. The boss icon on the minimap doesn’t show up, so you’ll have to find it yourself, which has previously been divided throughout the location. If you don’t want to spend time searching, you can use search rockets made from resources or sold at auctions. After collecting all the guards, you will have a passive boss tracking skill that will always show his current location.

Guardian health indicators are not displayed for the entire duration of the battle. You have 20 minutes to kill the boss and give the team three lives. If someone dies for the fourth time, you lose and go back to the bulletin board, after which you’ll have to hunt for the party again. If the hunt fails, the percentage remaining before the kill will be displayed at the end.

Level 1 Guardian


The first guardian, available from ilvl 255. Cast a basic attack in front of the face, but with a huge AoE. Melee fighters always need to be strictly centered behind their backs. Ranged characters can be on the side or behind. Magical skills will be cast not only in front of you, but also around you. Periodically sprint forward, jump to the furthest victim, or slam backwards with claws. There’s also a magic attack “Geyser” – in a random area near the boss, a white area appears, dealing damage and throwing the character into the air.


Requires the player to have the Fiery Ursa at item level 275. A slow bear that can deal high damage with its fireball ability and surrounding explosions. If everyone had to stand behind when killing the previous guardian, then with this boss, everything becomes more difficult. The bear periodically creates a sphere that it attracts and throws behind its back. Everyone standing in the back takes a lot of damage and gets knocked over. In this case, it is better to take the side of the mob. The Ur’nil can be knocked out, after which it will fall to the ground for a few seconds.

Icy Legoros

Fighting this monster requires Item Level 300. His main element is Frost Attack. Faster and more cunning than previous bosses. It is best to attack from behind, however, you need to be careful as Reggioros often jumps back and makes several quick attacks. His most painful skills are the triple jump and the single long jump. Targets and landing sites are randomly chosen. If you get hit by one of the jumps, you take a lot of damage and get knocked over.


This boss judged that the developers decided not to bother and made two identical Guardians, only changing the color scheme. The second legion is dark, and instead of ice attacks, it can blind opponents. Therefore, it is best to attack him from behind. To find him in the dungeon, you must have level 315 gear. He has twice the health of the previous Guardian, and his attacks deal increased damage.

Level 2 Guardian


The second tier of Guardians starts with the Chrome Turtle, which strikes the ground with its claws and releases an orb that slows and deals periodic damage to anyone who falls into it. The boss itself is slow and inflexible, but capable of killing unwary players with one shot. It is best to attack the defender from behind or from the side. The second level boss can only be opened by passing the first four bosses. To queue for Chromanium, you need item level 330.


One of the most difficult and unpleasant bosses of the entire eight. The scorpion attacks from the front and back, using its tail and dangerous stinger. But the hardest thing is that this little monster has a lot of unpredictable attack abilities. The main attack deals lightning damage, so it is recommended to set up protection against this element before hunting. Tail slash knocks down heroes and doubles spit for periodic poison damage. Once enough energy is accumulated, the scorpion will release lightning from its tail, chasing random players. At this point, you need to get close to the boss quickly and try not to hurt your allies.


A firebird with a level 4 ultimate ability. Inflicts burns on the player and can be grabbed with the beak and thrown on the back. When killing this guardian, it’s important not to run out of main DPS, but to leave it when the bird starts activating her ultimate. Once she does, fiery fissures begin to appear in the ground, and the Guardian absorbs energy into the second-stage ability. The team needs to contribute all damage to knock down the actor. Otherwise, she will gain enhanced abilities and increased damage.


A blue lizard with a huge horn that can knock down enemies. Before hunting, it is worth taking protective measures to prevent stunning. The boss has several levels, and each attack increases, the ability increases significantly. Special care should be taken to freeze the sphere, which immobilizes the character immediately. After that, Tytalos urn to the stunned enemy and tried to end him by hitting his horn. Another dangerous skill is Tytalos’ grip. He grabs one of the players and starts hitting the ground, dealing a lot of damage. The remaining players need to drop the boss so he can free the fourth player.

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