Chorizo, the sausage dog from Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 promotional materials, has quickly become one of its most popular Amigos. Athletics a homemade wheelchair and carrying various pouches for tools or other resources to help his human companions in need- Chorpisio still manages to use his cuteness as well! Despite not being able efficiently kill enemies with it like some more trigger happy canines would do on screen – he does strike fear into those around him just by looking so darn cute…and sometimes even slays them anyway because who doesn’t love killing things?!

Spotting an enemy usually means initiating combat which gives players time enough t take out their gun before they know what hit ’em (literally).

Chorizo, the first Amigo player can recruit in Yara belongs to Philly. He’s an explosives expert and mechanic for Montero’s faction who later attempted bring him over into Libertad side with his fellow militants by planting bombs all across town! Before that though you’ll have your chance at getting Chori-dog as a companion during missions or free roam if that’s more up your alley…

Far Cry 6 Chorizo may not be the most helpful Amigo in Far Cry 6, but he is undoubtedly one of its cutest. He can heal and distract enemies for stealth missions with his many abilities that are all inspired by Dani’s love of Philly cheese steaks! With Chops on board you won’t have to hunt around too much when looking for resources–he’ll locate them beneath ground like no other dog could do it better than this resourceful little hound from Spain (and don’t forget about how delicious their food was). These games often involve bloodlust so I’m sure any gamer would appreciate some cute habits thrown into gameplay just because they’re there…but wait there’s more: sometimes after killing an enemy or two.

Far Cry 6 Demands Players Feed Chorizo

Now this is how you win the hearts of your loyal friends! The game’s latest expansion, Chorizo & Salsa Surprise offers up new ways to keep those who are close and dear by collecting food items for them. But be careful because if they don’t like what’s inside their bowl then it won’t go well at all… And let me tell ya – there will definitely be some thrown dishes when that happens.

The newest trailer from Ubisoft tantalized us with an ad showcasing just one such event: A dachshund in a wheelchair bouncing around while barking loudly as he unsuccessfully tries to get his favorite dish off its plate using only his mouth (and not hands).

Chorizo’s Traversal Methods in Far Cry 6 Are Adorable

Chorizo is a resourceful pooch and always finds ways to join Dani in their conquests across Yara. One way players can bear witness to some of his problem-solving abilities, for instance when vaulting over fences or other high obstacles that would otherwise be impossible at times with Chihuahua’s small stature.

Chorizo is a loyal companion who will follow you through all of the game’s levels, scouring every inch in search for food. His persistence pays off when players realize that there are no other ways to progress or earn coins without finding Chosher-Joes! And though it breaks some immersion from time-to-time with physics defying leaps across obstacles and over tall buildings (honestly), seeing this little guy accomplish these incredible feats really makes up for any disappointment we might feel watching him struggle against gravity on his own accord…

Chorizo Is Far Cry 6’s Cutest Accessory to Murder

Chorizo is a furry tiny ball of energy with the ability to distract enemies and lure them into killing each other. His performances range from rank amateurism (like when he bares his teeth) all the way up through Oscar-worthy levels as you watch him bounce around on wheels in fear, then afterwards put on an excited façade while wagging that tail like crazy!

If it sounds too good be true – well that’s simply because those skills don’t come naturally for Choroiski: this dog has trained hard so one day we’ll see him take down Boomer or Oluso without any help at all… unless someone offers some bacon first though 😉

Far Cry 6 Players Can Pet the Dog

When games don’t allow players to pet virtual dogs, there’s always disappointment. Thankfully in Far Cry 6 players can embrace this urge most adorably by interacting with Amigo companions and other animals that are around them on the island of Hope Bay – but Chorizo is one you’ll want up close for his adorable appearance which often steals every scene he stars in. Big brown eyes filled happiness occupy screens alongside happy whines from our favorite pup who seems so pleased when someone strokes him gently or kisses behind those ears where it feels like an electric current runs through your hand! The pure serotonin levels increase tenfold after giving out these little “feel good” touches.

Far Cry 6 Is Filled With Dangers, and Chorizo Is Ready To Face Them

In a world as dangerous and unpredictable as the one in Far Cry 6, it’s important that you know your partner. Chorizo has grown up around guerillas so he knows how to handle himself when faced with threats before joining Dani Rojas on her quest to find Libertad (their dog). While most dogs his size would run from any fight or get scared easily; this brave pup will face anything head-on no matter what comes along – even if there are other larger animals nearby! The best thing about him though… isn’t really something people usually notice at first glance: It might be all those adorable features like small ears which can sometimes give him an insecure.

Far Cry 6 Chorizo is a joy to have around, not just for the adorable actions he performs but also because his strength as an animal companion helps players out in so many ways you can find more at Pro Gaming Settings. In addition to being able fight off enemies and solve puzzles with ease Choroizes can collect resources that would otherwise be inaccessible without him by your side!

The good news doesn’t stop there; every time we see this guy pop up (and boy does Yara seem like home), it seems like something new happens between those two: whether its learning how much information about enemy types each other knows or getting into some friendly competitive training sessions where only one will make it through alive…

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