PUBG Mobile has taken over the gaming market swiftly. PUBG Mobile resides in the hearts and minds of people. Many stars of this game have emerged in India. Two of these stars are Levinho and Dynamo. If you are a PUBG Mobile Lover and you haven’t heard the Hydra Dynamo PUBG ID or Levinho, it is impossible. This article is all about Hydra Dynamo and Levinho PUBG ID.

The most famous PUBG Mobile content creators in India are Levinho and Dynamo. They sit at the top when it comes to PUBG stars. Even Mortals comes after them. Dynamo and Levinho are not only gamers but YouTubers. Why call them just YouTubers? They are a part of the biggest YouTube stars in India. Why are they so famous? Who are they? Check out Pokemon Unite.

Let us look into Hydra Dynamo PUBG Mobile ID: 591948701 and Levinho PUBG ID: 546590561.

Who Is Hydra Dynamo PUBG Mobile ID?

Much anticipation was created since Dynamo kept himself behind the veil for a long time. But his fans could not wait. It was the love of his fans that he revealed his face. His real name is Aditya Sawant. He is the biggest gaming star in India. His character Dynamo is very much inspired by the Anime character Naruto. Not much is known about his personal life. The information that we get is that he has a lot of popular friends these include Tanmay Bhatt and CaryMinati.

Hydra Dynamo PUBG ID: Income

Dynamo adds lakhs of viewers each month to his YouTube channel. With more than 95 Lakh subscribers on his channel, Dynamo jas over 600 million views on his channel! This Figure says very much about his income. His live-streams videos that add donations and super chat income to his pocket. The figure is so tremendous that it is quite hard to digest. Dynamo has a monthly income estimated to be over 20 Lakhs. According to our research, he is earning around 15 crores annually! Impressive isn’t it?

Hydra Dynamo PUBG ID was hit hard by the ban on PUBG Mobile in India. However, he started playing on PUBG New state. He has through his hard work gained the popularity and the love of his fans on that platform as well. Hence, Dynamo is correctly one of the greatest YouTubers in the country.

Now let us have a look at Levinho PUBG ID:

Levinho PUBG ID: Bio

Known by his real name Brahim, Levinho hails from Sweden. He is 22 years old and single. A little is known about his personal life. However, you might be unknown to the fact that Sevou is his brother. For gaming, he uses iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Levinho PUBG ID: Career Statistics

Levinho comes from the clan M~Menace. Levinho PUBG ID has a winning rate of 8.02. The kill to death ratio is impressive at 4.74. Unlike other players, he prefers to play duos over everything else. He has more duos in his name than solos or squads. As of now he stands at Diamond tier 111 and has 4663 kills in his name. He is known for his 3 finger and Gyro controls.

Levinho PUBG ID: YouTube

Levinho comes in as one of the biggest YouTubers. He streams his videos live on Youtube as well. He started this channel back in 2018. Today his Youtube has over 9 million subscribers and over a billion views and these figures keep growing. Hence his annual income two crosses 15 Crores at least.

We cannot get the estimate of his donations and super chats. However, he is one of the biggest YouTubers and hence earns much enough.

Levinho PUBG ID: Social Media

Levinho is very much conservative when it comes to social life. All the IDs that we could find were:

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: levinhopubg

This was it about Hydra Dynamo and Levinho PUBG Mobile – ID. They come in the Biggest Stars of PUBG Mobile. They also are the biggest YouTubers across the world. Not much is known about either of their personal life. However, they are adding lakhs of viewers to their YouTube channels each day. Follow them for more updates!

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