Experience the excitement of a thrilling journey, where you can earn rewards for mastering a range of skills, daring exploits, and notable achievements. As you explore a vast world alongside other dedicated players, you can choose your own path and become a mighty warrior with the power to shape your own destiny. Delve into a medieval world full of shadows, where Knights, Dragons, Demons, and other fearsome creatures battle using powerful weaponry and sorcery, all while accumulating real stakes and discovering new wealth.


The Last Knights of Cryptopia is an NFT game that utilizes a play-to-earn model and presents players with a highly detailed world of stunning graphics and effects. With in-game accomplishments and one-of-a-kind NFT assets, players can earn tangible real-world value, as their unique items, like characters and weapons, are stored on the blockchain and can increase in value due to rarity, functionality, or popularity. The game aims to attract players of all skill levels by delivering an immersive gaming experience that combines breathtaking graphics with exciting gameplay.


In Game specifications;

Quick loading:

The game is designed to load quickly, allowing players to quickly immerse themselves in the gameplay without any delay. The game’s software is optimized and data management is efficient, allowing for fast load times and ensuring that the gaming experience is seamless and uninterrupted. This ensures that players can quickly get started with the game, and are able to enjoy it without any technical difficulties or performance issues.

Impressive aesthetics:

The game immerses players in a vast and intricately designed virtual world that is truly breathtaking. The game’s graphics are of the highest quality, with sharp and crisp visuals that create an incredibly realistic and vivid experience. From sweeping vistas to detailed character designs, the game’s stunning visuals offer players a fully immersive experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Players can easily get lost in the game’s beautiful environments and enjoy every detail of the game’s stunning graphics, making it a truly engaging and captivating experience.

Realistic audio performance:

The expertly crafted sound effects and lifelike soundtrack of the game significantly contribute to its immersive atmosphere, enhancing the overall gaming experience with their atmospheric effects and attention to detail.

P2E (play2earn) concept:

  • In-game accomplishments and NFT assets such as characters and weapons are recorded on the blockchain and can increase in value based on rarity, utility, or popularity within the game.
  • This provides an opportunity for players to benefit tangibly from their gaming experience.
  • The game offers a unique blend of stunning graphics and exciting gameplay suitable for players of all expertise levels.

W2E (wear 2 earn):

  • The Last Knights of Cryptopia (LKOC) is an NFT game that follows a play-to-earn model.
  • Players can earn real-world value through in-game accomplishments and unique NFT assets such as characters and weapons.
  • LKOC is introducing a line of merchandise that can be purchased with KNGT tokens on the game’s marketplace.
  • Players can earn additional KNGT token rewards by sharing photos of themselves sporting the acquired merchandise on social media and tagging the game’s name and a specific #HashTag.
  • This encourages a sense of community and rewards players for their passion and commitment to the game.
  • LKOC offers a captivating gaming experience and provides a chance for players to monetize their pastime through this innovative approach.



$KNGT Tokens:

In The Last Knights of Cryptopia (LKOC), players can earn $KNGT tokens by depositing BUSD (Binance USD) into the game’s platform, which serves as the primary form of currency. These tokens can then be used to purchase a variety of in-game items, including character enhancements, unique avatar skins, and custom house-building options. Holding $KNGT tokens also grants players the ability to engage in governance voting, which enables them to influence the game’s future development. Additionally, staking $KNGT tokens may make players eligible for rewards, and the tokens can be traded for other digital assets on external cryptocurrency exchanges.


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