Esports has been booming in popularity over the past decade. For the time being, the esports entertainment industry is significantly larger than Hollywood movies, the western music industry, and even American sports. PUBG betting sites allow you to bet on esports, boost the thrill of the games, and make money. In this post, you will learn the basics of betting on PUBG. If you’d like to learn more about this topic, get expert tips and tricks, and more, visit

What Is PUBG and How To Play?

It is an online third-person shooter game (with the option to switch to first-person mode). PUBG follows a battle royale structure. This structure requires players to compete against each other. It is based on one map that continuously shrinks throughout the match. What is unique about PUBG is that a total of 100 different players compete against each other in one match within one map, making it a pretty exciting game for beginner and pro gamers.

You must collect loot and armor and shoot your opponents to get kills and survive. Dying is forbidden! You cannot die in this game, as dying in a match is like dying in real life. Once you die, that’s it. You are done, and you cannot come back from death! It is great to get a high number of kills, but it alone won’t win you the game. You must survive until the end because you win by being the last player standing in the entire match. You can play solo or duo (in a team of 2 players) or a team of 4 players. In the case of teams, only one player has to make it to the end and survives until the end to win the game.

Common PUBG Betting Markets

PUBG betting sites offer various betting options, and markets may vary slightly from one website to another. But to help you understand your options better, the most common markets are summarized below.

1. Winning Player and Team

This market is self-explanatory enough. In a team match, you can predict the winning team and bet on it. In this case, you have two options to place a wager on, the winning team in a Duo match or a regular match with 4 players in one team. Meanwhile, you can pick a player out of a pool of 99 players within a match and bet on the player’s winning odds.

You should remember that there are also game modes for Solo and Duo that are constrained to first-person mode. As a result, such betting markets will differ from the ones that are in third-person mode. In addition, different game modes come with different betting markets. Hence, there will be the outright winner for 5 game modes, as mentioned below.

  • Solo
  • Solo (FPS)
  • Duo
  • Duo (FPS)
  • Team

2. Most Kills

This market is relatively easy to bet on, as you just need to predict which player gets the most kills in a specific match.

3. Tournament Winner

Unlike the previous market, this one is somehow challenging. Because you must follow multiple matches for the tournament winner to be crowned. Hence, the winner can be for different game modes based on the tournament.

4. Live Betting

This market is the same as live sports betting. However, the risk involved in PUBG live betting is lower than in sports betting. The reason is that players must loot weapons and armor to use in a match, starting with nothing. So, in a live match, you can watch which players managed to secure good enough loot to be able to fight against others. This is a reliable source of info helping you to place wagers with higher chances of winning.

5. First Blood

This is a PUBG lingo meaning the player that gets the first kill. So, you can also wager on which player that will be. This betting option is tricky as players’ locations significantly affect who will get the first kill.

PUBG Betting Tips

Below are some expert tips for placing wiser PUBG wagers.

  • Knowledge is power. So, do your homework and learn about the game and the players as much as possible. You don’t want to waste money on random games and players.
  • If you are new to this, it is better to stick to betting markets that are relatively easy and less complicated. For example, try betting on a winning team instead of the tournament winner.
  • Keep your stakes low to avoid losing big because PUBG esports are unpredictable, and many factors can alter the outcomes.
  • Never bet what you cannot afford.

Last Few Words

Betting on esports, including PUBG, can be a great way to make some money. However,  risks are involved due to the relatively unpredictable nature of the game. So, make sure to do your homework, keep it low, and avoid betting on random games and players. Visit for a comprehensive guide on betting on PUBG and the best websites to wager on PUBG betting markets.

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