Due to Covid-19 pandemic the hobby of trading cards has prevailed and become more common than ever. Basketball cards was not much popular until the late 1940s but it was quite popular at American clubs. Dr. James Naismith first invented the game of basketball in 1891 and the first professional basketball league was launched in 1898 but it was desolated quickly. 

Then the American Basketball was launched in 1925 which last until 1955 and it was first attempt to create official professional basketball league. At American colleges lot of competitive basketball matches were played and there was launching of NCAA and NCCA Men’s basketball tournament in 1939.

There were no specific sets for basketball until in 1948 there was release of Bowman’s and with that there were few notable issues related to this.

A college based multi-sport issue was the T51 Murad set. There are total 150 cards out of which there are four total cards (Xavier, Northwestern, Williams and Luther). Some consider the Murad cards to be the first basketball cards.

In February 20201 a rookie card was sold for $4.6 million and in the same year just two years later another rookie card sold for historic $5.2 million.

Early Years

The first release of official full basket-ball released was in 1948 with the introduction as Bowman basketball set.

The most highlighted set of 1948 is George Mikan Rookie Card which is one of the most premium cards in the hobby.

Mikan is considered as first superstar of NBA and the first dominant big man. Mikan won seven championships and three scoring titles and with the copying value at around $1500. 


All NBA Level Card Sets

All NBA Level Card sets are for those who can invest huge and expensive amounts on just few cards. For such cards even the base versions are printed only in limited quantities unlike the other sets. These cards have very advanced and modern looking with lot of clean white space.



These are the most expensive and printed in very few quantities. These cards are expensive because they include autographs, jersey swatches or sometimes include the both. 

Panini released college and NBA set of Immaculate cards in which NBA set holds much more importance worth than cards and the players in college jerseys.


These are almost similar to immaculate but are in shorter supply even than immaculate. While you are investing in any card it is very important to keep focus on rookie cards. The flawless cards have high price rate and points for non-rookie cards most importantly if they are of one-of-one variety.

This is the only set available if you are thinking of investing in non-rookie cards.

NBA unveils its high tech trading cards at convention

Arlington, Texas-Sky box

These are the new high tech trading card which is manufactured by national basketball association properties. It was unveiled during 11th National Sports Collectors Convention at Arlington Convention Centre. It seems like Skybox will be among high quality upper deck basketball cards and will sell for bet$1 to $2 per pack. Sounds like SkyBox will be in the same class as the high-quality Upper Deck baseball cards-even the names are similar-which sell for between $1-$2 per pack. Like Hoops, complete Skybox sets won`t be sold but its complete will not be sold out.

With the laser technology for printing to create new card fronts Skybox has combined with the best in NBA to create something that has never seen before. With the action photos of players the streams of color are combined.


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