If you’re having difficulty defeating the Metamorphs at Tane’s Laboratory, have no fear. We’ve got you covered in this post, outlining all of the information you’ll need to conquer this obstacle. Keep an eye on PoE Trade to see if any items could aid you in the fight.

How to Begin

Therefore, we must first make our way to Tane’s Laboratory. This is a level 68 region to which you must travel. Once you’ve located the waypoint, click it to proceed to Tane’s Laboratory. It would be prudent to construct the Metamorph before engaging with it to initiate the encounter when you arrive. To create the Metamorph, insert the following into the appropriate device: Metamorph Brain, Metamorph Heart, Metamorph Eye, Metamorph Lung, and Metamorph Liver.

Concerning the Metamorphs

When you are on a map, there is a 10% chance of encountering a Metamorph. You’ll notice that there are monsters with a green arrow on them here. They are also highlighted on your mini-map, so you should have no trouble locating them. Additionally, a name and health bar will be surrounded by green.

When you kill them, they begin to shed organs. These will be automatically collected, and you must obtain a complete set. That leaves the Eye, Brain, Heart, Liver, and Lung. Obtaining these allows you to create a Metamorph after they’ve utilized Tane Octavius’ Metamorphs Vial. If you haven’t seen Tane yet, she will arrive once you’ve obtained the requisite organs.

It is totally up to you how you combine the organs. The organs used will have an effect on the outcome of Metamorph assaults and mods. You might strike gold and obtain an organ with a bonus that drops additional stuff. The meter on the right indicates the rarity of each sample. The more uncommon the creature from whom you obtain the organs, the higher this meter will be. After you’ve filled the meter and taken a map boss sample, the Metamorph will provide you with an itemized organ sample. You may take this and place it in your inventory following that.

It would be beneficial if you considered the possibility that you will not have the opportunity to refill this meter. You may still lack the requisite unique or uncommon samples to raise the meter to the top despite clearing the map entirely. This can be influenced by the rarity of the map, its tier, or the modifier employed.

Then proceed to Tane’s Laboratory to utilize the samples included in the Metamorph Vial. When you have a collection of organs, you can use them to create the Metamorph in this place. You may determine the different things that will be dropped from the Metamorph by examining the mods applied to the organs.

To summarise, Tane will inform you that you must collect samples of monster organs. Once you’ve gathered them and placed them in his vial, show them to him. This summons the Metamorph; hence, defeat it once it manifests. Inform Tane of your recent experience, and she will complete the quest for you.

You should, however, ensure that you are adequately equipped for this duty. If doing so requires you to part with an Exalted Orb, then go for it. You may have to part with some PoE currency at some point to complete the adventure, but as long as you’re prepared for the fight with the Metamorphs, you should have little difficulty. Do not be discouraged if you are unable to fill the relevant meter. As you have probably noticed, there are a few issues to consider, so don’t fret too much. Apart from that, it would help if you were prepared to finish your task successfully.

Have you completed the Metamorph assignment in Path of Exile? Please tell us what you think in the comments area below!

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