Every fan of the Marvel comic universe has to put up with several facts for years: favorite heroes never really die, a good movie based on motives can be not only on the big screen, and the most painful thing – worthy video games based on these comics are released once or twice a generation on F95zone. The first commandment led to complete indifference to the mournful drama, the second was violated by the excellent Netflix series about Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but the third, as it would be easier to explain, is a task of exceptional impracticability!


In addition to the adamantium claws of Wolverine from X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the puny shoulders of Peter Parker from Marvel’s Spider-Man , good or at least just normal incarnations of superheroes and games based on Marvel comics, as they say, the cat cried. This metaphorical cat would continue to roar if not for Marvel’s Avengers , which are all so experimental that no one understood until the very release – what kind of genre, what is the game about, is it worth buying? About a dozen genres are mixed here, and the game is dedicated to the latest history of the “Avengers” from modern comics. But it’s worth buying it, perhaps, at the nearest discounts. Why is it so, and why is it not a sentence, but rather a piece of advice?

Many people blame games for the unattractiveness of graphics or art design, others are worried about the technical part, some are disappointed at the stage of immersion in the plot, realizing in the course of the play that there is no story. There are also those players who are enraged by five-hour plots for five-thousandth bills. But all of these issues are optional when it comes to positioning. When your expectations are your problems. When the idea of ​​the game is a snag for marketers. Or even the result of a vague advertising campaign – almost a year ago Death Stranding suffered from this , fan theories about which turned out to be much more interesting than the plot of the video game itself. It is from positioning that the new Marvel’s Avengers is now suffering .

You will often hear theses about the “Huniepop 2“, About” the next The Division “and even about the” second Anthem “. But in fact, in front of the players, in fact, there are two big games under a single cover, and one of them is a ten-hour medley of the most spectacular and pop ideas of Uncharted , Tomb Raider , Marvel’s Spider-Man , God of War , World of Warcraft and sometimes even Mass Effect . Solyanka is not as creepy as you might have imagined: it’s just that in Marvel’s Avengers all of the games that we have played over the past 7-8 years seem to be parodied.

This is one of the most expensive and modern Marvel projects , the most discreet experiment, which consists almost entirely of secondary ideas, and also statistically the most downloaded beta version in the history of PlayStation game consoles . Of all these facts, only a line about secondary can alert, but, lo and behold, here it is rather a plus, because comics as a storytelling format are not without irony an independent work, consisting of hackneyed ideas. Two years ago, this trick was pulled by the developers at Insomniac Games , who showed Spider-Man with Batman settings.

Their video game Marvel’s Spider-Man from the announcement to the very release is not reproachful, but still compared with the Arkham trilogy fromRocksteady Studios . The same trick is practiced by the studios Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal , which jointly, under the auspices of the publishers of Square Enix,  create a new ambitious platform with a backlog of several years ahead, a banquet budget, a fan service car and a claim to the best game-service from all existing ones. Did it work out?

Yes, but in a world where Destiny has no competitors, where Marvel’s Spider-Man is the best comic book game ever, and in a world where World of Warcraft never existed.with its daily and the development of strongholds. If you have lived in such suspended animation for the last 7-8 years, rejoice – the novelty about “The Avengers” will become one of the most interesting adventures of this fall. With due greed, you will begin to study all the mechanics, interactions with faction vendors and activities from cooperative passage to raid bosses.

Yes, they are here! Huge robots, which for half an hour need to be sequentially disassembled into pieces by a pack of four players, where one plays the role of a tanker, the second buffs on damage, the third delivers this damage to the address right in the thorns of the microcircuit face, and the fourth spins underfoot, monitoring the health of allies … Is it fun? Definitely! Does it work as shown in the trailers? Of course not.

Like any game intended by the developers as a fun and cool playthrough with friends, Marvel’s Avengers also suffers from an excess of random player frenzy that wreaks havoc on your personal immersion. This already happened in Tom Clancy’s The Division , when, instead of immersive exploration of snowy New York, you received thoughtless emergency firefights with a total cleaning of all the mobs on the screen. Because in Marvel’s Avengersthey came up with, firstly, a limit on the number of players and, secondly, single story missions.

In the first case, empty cells with partners will be filled with calm bots that bribe with malleable behavior and predictable artificial intelligence. In the second case, you will have access to a high-budget and coolly staged story campaign, where out of almost ten hours, most of the time you will be either alone or in conjunction with one or two partners. The very thing is to immerse yourself in the process, to study lore and get used to the characters’ characters.


The starting version will captivate players for 20-30 hours in total, who will share the storyline campaign, the cooperative passage of side missions and individual expeditions for each hero, which open up access to unique equipment, as well as the very same raids with huge bosses. Very difficult, with thoughtful tactics and offensive deaths – as we love. Thanks to this release, this fall is not a time for minor sadness and an upside-down September calendar, but a loud and high-budget call for the “general fundraising” that the world’s most popular superhero team from Marvel comics is famous for .

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