2022 looks promising with new games and big releases that are going to gain a lot of attention from gamers all around the world. 2021 gave us some pretty cool games and because of that, we expect this year to be loaded with even bigger titles that have a huge fan following.  We have rounded up a list of the games that will most likely become everyone’s favorite in these coming months. 

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So, before you jump into the gaming world, make sure you have all the essentials needed (i.e. High speed internet connection). Following are some of the games you should keep an eye out for. 

  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus (Nintendo Switch)

There is absolutely no denying that Pokémon has been subjected to a lot of changes over the years yet it is still sticking with the same original formula for all these years, which really makes this game special for fans of the Pokemon franchise. That formula makes Arceus quite intriguing and interesting. 

Although Sword and Shield provided a fascinating insight into the open-world of Pokémon hunting with the expansive Wild Area, still Legends is the first one in its series that shows open-world-style Pokémon game in its truest form. 

This time, you get to see Pokémon roaming wildly in unruly areas, as opposed to its traditional routes which we have probably become accustomed to seeing. One of the things that jump out the most in this series is how the emphasis has been placed more on real-time action this time. This was not the case in the games that were released in the previous years. 

All of this makes Pokémon Legends one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and we are sure you already cannot wait to get your devices and gadgets ready to finally play this game. 

  • Sifu (PC, PS4, PS5)

It is worth mentioning that Sifu is one of the most challenging games you can play in 2022. With all those challenges and whatnot, you cannot just stop yourself from playing this addictive game. Even after falling down several times, its remarkable gameplay pushes you to get back up and keep fighting. 

Essentially, over a time period, in this game, the protagonist has to make their journey through the seedy underbelly of a large city to basically have a fight against highly ruthless assassins. This surely got our undivided attention. Some weird twists in this game show the way Sifu approaches the whole idea of respawning in games, which is the recreation of an entity after its death or destruction or after losing one of its lives, and it surely comes at a price. Every revive takes a year out of the protagonist’s life. 

In such circumstances where you happen to fail too many times, the martial artist could reach the end of his life before he even gets the chance to finish his quest. This could compel you to start over the game from the beginning. Sounds challenging, right? That is why we mentioned it earlier. 

It could overwhelming, we are not going to lie. However, the themes of learning from these mistakes also keep you hooked to the screen and make you keep playing the game. Also, can we just say that the kung fu combat style in this game is quite smooth and that is surely going to make it one of your favorites in 2022? 

  • Elden Ring (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, One, Xbox Series X)

Elden Ring checks all of our boxes of a competitive challenge, a narrative that is going to keep you to the edge of your seat, and of course, highly engaging combat. The games developed by Bandai Namco have come a long way and that has probably added significantly to the high expectation of the fans of these games. 

Not only these fantastic features but you can also keep your expectations high with the setting presented in this video game. You are encountered with a large open world for you to explore. Needless to say, the whole experience of playing the recent game in this series network test induces mixed emotions in you.  Don’t get us wrong, we definitely mean it in the best way possible because you will be excited and terrified at the same time. 

You know that thrill of exploring the world but there are unknowns lurking behind in the large landscape, those things could kill you over and over again, but that is what makes you keep playing? Well, this is what it is all about. A must-try for fans of the Soul Series, Bloodborne, or Sekiro. 

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 (Nintendo Switch) 

We are not exaggerating when we say that even after five years of its launch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild remains one of our favorite games on not only Switch but also one of the best ones Nintendo has ever produced. This game has surely become the talk of the town by making people’s hopes extremely high for its second part. 

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding Breath of the Wild 2 (Come on, we don’t even know the name of the game yet) however, the trailer did manage to tease us with the glimpses into the adventure that surely awaits. It shows the floating islands and various new abilities that will be commanded by Link. 

We are quite excited to see the twists and turns the narratives will take. Mostly, we are intrigued to explore the rolling plains and the forests of Hyrule to basically come across the new secrets. We predict that if the game is as good as the ones that have come before it, then it is going to again become another classic. 

  • Dying Light 2: Stay Human (PS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch)

It has been hyped up a lot in the community and Dying Light 2 gives us more insights into the whole fantasy of surviving in a world that is anything but friendly. But it is a little different than the original game, in this one, you will have the power to shape how the unruly world can evolve. 

Aiden Caldwell will come face-to-face with the task of deciding which groups will take control over which section of the city. Do we even need to say what really happens when groups compete together to have control? Because certain choices could lead to an escalation in wars, making the last remaining city of the world into something explosive. This game has some of the cruelest combats that could make Dying Light 2 jump out the most for the ardent gamers in 2022. And considering it has a lot riding on its shoulders because let’s be honest, the first Dying Light is a classic that reinvented the zombie genre in gaming through its insane parkour-style gameplay. 

Final Words

If you are like us who are eagerly waiting for the release of some of the exciting and best games of 2022, then we recommend checking out the ones mentioned above. We are sure, you are going to have a time of your life while playing these amazing games.

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