The most important thing to survive in the upcoming survival games is a weapon. This blog post will list some of the best weapons for killing zombies and not being killed by them. 

There are many different types of weapons that you can choose from, including hammers, machetes, guns, or knives. Each class has pros and cons, so it’s up to you which one is best for your situation! Happy hunting!


If you are looking for an all-rounder weapon that is good at killing humans and zombies alike, the shotgun is a great option. 

They are not as accurate as handguns but can be used from a distance, so they help take out humans who have already become zombies before you have noticed them. 

The downside to shotguns is their weight, so it’s a good idea to carry a backup weapon if you need to move around quickly. Weight: 9lbs.

9mm Pistol

Pistols are quick and easy to use, but they aren’t compelling. They are best used for killing zombies when your shotgun is empty or when you want to conserve ammo. A disadvantage of pistols is that they are small, so shooting can be challenging if you have an injured leg or arm. If you need to conserve weight, a handgun with a couple of boxes of ammo will do the trick! Weight: 3lbs

Bow and arrow

These are great weapons for killing zombies who are far away. They are quick to load and can easily take out one zombie at a time. The downsides to using bows and arrows are that it’s challenging to shoot accurately, so you need to aim for the head. You also need to carry extra ammo with you because once all of your arrows are gone, it’s game over! Weight: 2lbs


Machetes are brilliant for killing zombies because they are super sharp. They are also very light, so you don’t need to worry about extra weight. The only problem with using machetes is that it’s difficult to kill fast-moving zombies because you have to get up close and personal! Weight: 1lbs

Fire ax

Fire axes are great because they can leave a zombie’s skull in one hit, and they also have a long handle so you can kill zombies from a reasonable distance away. The downside is that the blade will get stuck easily in thicker objects like bones, so it’s important to remember to swing it out before it gets stuck! Weight: 7lbs

Baseball bat

Baseball bats are a great backup weapon, but they aren’t too good at killing zombies. It’s best to use baseball bats when there are many zombies, and you need something light in your hands. The downside is that the bat will get stuck easily in thicker objects like bones. Weight: 2lbs


Katanas are very cool weapons that can slice through zombies’ heads in one go. However, it’s essential not to waste your katana on small groups of zombies; otherwise, you will have no use for it when there is a horde! Katanas are also pretty heavy compared with other weapons, so carrying them around is tiring! Weight: 2lbs

Mortar and pestle

These are great for crushing zombies’ heads, but they aren’t perfect for killing them. It’s best to use these if you have already used up all of your ammo or are injured. You can also use the mortar as a bludgeoning weapon which is pretty cool! Weight: 1lbs

Bo staff

If you have lots of energy and want to kill zombies with a martial arts weapon, the bo staff is a great option. You can kill zombies from a safe distance, but it’s also long enough to hit them when they get too close. The downside is that the bo staff isn’t very good at killing multiple zombies at a time. Weight: 3lbs


Spears are good for killing multiple zombies with just one hit because they aren’t very sharp, so they don’t die quickly. If you kill many zombies with one spear, it can become challenging to find the head, so it’s essential to pick them up as soon as possible! Weight: 3lbs

With your new weapons in hand, make sure you equip yourself with a backpack before going out protecting the world from the living dead. Learn how to protect yourself from zombies here. Happy hunting!

Good read, but if you want to know what is the best weapon, in my opinion, is you should choose the one that fits your situation. I mean, you should use a different weapon if there’s more than one zombie or just 1 or 2 zombies.

I think the best weapon is a baseball bat followed by a shotgun. A shotgun is undoubtedly the best-ranged weapon, and it’s powerful enough to take down anything except tanks and special infected.


The zombie apocalypse is coming, and it’s never too early to prepare for the worst.

That’s why we did all of the research and came up with this list of weapons that will probably help you survive an invasion from zombies or other monsters.

We also found some great survival tips in case your weapon breaks, runs out of ammo, or if a zombie bites you! So get ready because there are tons of things to do before it hits (and don’t forget to stock up on Twinkies!) Happy hunting!

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