You can start your own weekly trivia club. This guide will show you how to set up your own weekly trivia night. We have also collected drinking games that you can play online for a fun evening, online puzzles for solo play, and classic board games to play online with your friends .

1. Random Trivia Generator

Party-gamers have six categories to choose from: arts, science, general geography, history, entertainment, and then endless questions. It’s easy to play. Simply choose your category and scroll through the questions. Each question has an answer. That’s it. We recommend that one person hosts the game, then shares their screen with the group to reveal the answers.

2. Jackbox Games

You can also play online trivia games through the company. You can connect via video conference and then all players play using your phones (see instructions below). There is You Don’t Know Jack. The Trivia Murder Party in which you attempt to avoid “the killing room” by correctly answering questions. There’s Fibbage in which players have to identify missing information in facts. You can get Jack’s party packs for $25-$30, which include five trivia games. For more information, see this tutorial to learn how to play Jackbox Games via Zoom.

3. Houseparty

The popular video-chat app also provides free online trivia games. The general-trivia deck is a good starting point, but you can also go straight to the “finish the song lyrics” card deck. This deck will allow you to make all your friends sing loud, and it’s free. Check out our guide to the best games on the app.

4. DIY trivia games night

Even though it requires more effort, we have had the most fun creating our own trivia nights with friends. The questions are more tailored to your group by nature so that you can highlight common interests. We’ve been able to discuss the Chicago Bulls in ’90s, Parks and Recreation and John Prine’s chart-topping songs from 1978. So how do you do it? This has worked for us.

  • Each game will have a different host, who will be responsible for devising questions, moving around from round to round, and keeping score.
  • After each round, send text messages to the host with your answers.
  • Once all the answers have been received, answer each round.
  • Every other round, give a total score check to each team or player.
  • You can have a slideshow of all your questions on a single screen so that hosts don’t need to go back and reread them.

How can you create a virtual trivia contest?

Make sure you choose the right video conferencing platform when setting up a virtual trivia contest. This is an essential component of hosting a virtual trivia game. Some games cannot be played on one platform or the same software that is accessed through your browser.

You have the option of using different platforms. One consideration is which technology the attendees will have access to. Virtual team trivia games are available on many platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts. Most likely, you will want to choose a platform that does not require your guests to download the game to their device. It is important to make the experience as easy and stress-free for your guests.

Consider the capabilities of each platform. You will need a platform that allows your teams to have private conversations while they think about the answers. This will allow you to replicate an in-person trivia night. Platforms with breakout rooms and other ways for teams to communicate without being heard are preferred. Zoom is the preferred platform because it can host a large group of players and offers break out rooms that allow teams to discuss their answers privately.

How to host virtual trivia

Your teams

To save time, you should do this before your event. A random group generator is a quick and simple way to create teams. To make your online trivia game a team-building activity, arrange teams in ways that highlight the benefits to team building. You can also create teams by project or department if you are looking to strengthen your colleagues’ bonds.

You could also create teams from people who might not otherwise be able to interact at work. You can improve communication skills by grouping members according to personality traits. You can also choose to have a host on the game if you don’t feel like running it.

Try a tech test run

After everyone has signed up, you can do a test run to ensure that all audio and visual devices are working properly. There is nothing worse than knowing the correct answer, but not being heard.

Welcoming the group

After everyone has arrived, extend a warm welcome. If you’re not participating in a virtual trivia game that is hosted live, be ready to be the life of the party. You must be enthusiastic, animated, and entertaining.

Check out the rules

The game’s mechanics, scoring system, rounds, length and duration should be explained. It may be a good idea to allow players to take a break and get more snacks or drink their choice of beverage.

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