What’s a dragon? It’s a legendary creature, typically depicted as large, fire-breathing and able to fly. Dragons are often portrayed as antagonists in high fantasy works of art. The list below will showcase the top 10 dragons games for 2022.

Most of the youngsters today love playing video games. It has become a routine activity for them to play the game in their spare times. The games are available both offline and online, thus can be played on smart phones as well as PCs.

There are many different types of free dragon games that are available but it is essential that you find out about each one before deciding whether or not they’re truly worth your time and effort. So we have researched and gotten details of some of the best free dragon games.

Top 10 best dragons games for Android and iOS

Hello dragons lovers, here we are given the complete list of the top 10 amazing dragons games for all supported devices either android devices and pc laptops.

  1. Dragon Mania Legends

This game is all about dragons. It was released in the year 2016 and since then it has become popular across the globe. The game is available both online and offline, for Android as well as iOS operated Smartphone’s. There are certain requirements that you will need to fulfill before you can get started with this one including having at least 1 GB of space along with 2.3 GHz CPU.

2 Dragons: Rise of Berk

The latest version of this game came out in 2015, however there are various other interesting versions too which were released before this one. It’s an action-based dragon games app that allows you to play them either on your smart phone or PC.

3 Dragoomx 3D

This one too allows you to hatch your very own dragon in addition to allowing you plenty of space where it can fly around freely. The game is available through the App Store free of cost although there are certain in-app purchases which are required if you want certain extra facilities.

4 Dragon City

There are plenty of dragons in this game. The most interesting aspect about the game is the fact that you can breed different dragons together to create new ones. This one is available for both Android and iOS users free of cost.

5 Dragon Story

This is another popular dragon games application that has been released in 2015, however it does have some previous versions too with slightly different features being offered by each of them.

6 Dragon Master

Here you need to hatch your very own fire breathing fire breathing 3D virtual pet which you can raise or spend time playing with it in various fascinating mini-games. There are multiple stages too in the game where your pet will need to go.

7 Dragopolis

This is a very interesting game wherein you will need to use the touch screen of your phone in order to make the dragon fly upwards. You will be given different obstacles that you need to avoid at various levels. It’s available for both Android as well as iOS users free of cost.

8 Dragon Simulator 3D

You can play this one on your smart phone through the use of an emulator or PC if you want to play it without any limitations whatsoever.

9 Dragons: Fire and Fury

If you’re looking for a classic Solitaire-type card game then this one is just perfect for you as it has everything related to dragons including wars, quests, and magic.

10 Dragon City Mobile

This is another version of the popular game that was previously released under a different title, however it has been given some additional features in this latest release.Its like the real movies and you can enjoy that game.


It’s been a pleasure compiling this list of the Top 10 Dragons Games for you. Hopefully, it will help you find a great new game to play with your friends and family. Further, if you wanna complete details then visit this blog. If there are any other games that we missed or if you have any questions about our choices, just leave us a comment below! We love hearing from readers like you.

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