Top Tips To Improve Valorant Gameplay and Rank 

Valorant Gameplay and Rank 

Valorant is a cool game you can play on the computer. It’s like a shooting game where there are two teams, each with five players. One team tries to attack, and the other team tries to defend. You get to be a special character called an ‘agent,’ and each agent can do different cool things in the game. The game matches you with other players who are just as good as you. You play a bunch of rounds, and the first team to win 13 rounds wins the whole game. Valorant is a bit like other games you might know, like Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and League of Legends. People who play it can be really good, and some even compete in big tournaments to win real money. People faced many issues while playing this game so I have tips and tricks for them to improve their game.

Good PC

Firstly, the most important piece of gear for competitive shooters is probably the monitor. Upgrading from 60Hz to 144Hz or above will probably guarantee a much better experience because you will perceive everything faster. Better PCs and specs guarantee a high fps that will make sure your 144Hz monitor is put to good use by ensuring a constant fps higher than 144. If you can react faster to enemies appearing on your screen, technically speaking it makes you a better player. Of course, there would eventually come diminishing returns, where 144Hz and 240Hz are really similar and you won’t see much benefit going for a higher refresh rate. Having a good computer is nice for playing games, but it doesn’t make a big difference in most fights. It’s more helpful in situations where you need to quickly aim or if someone is coming through a door. I thought having a faster computer would make me better, but even a screen with 60 frames per second is okay for most fights in the game Valorant. I got a better computer for playing games, and it made a big difference. Before, my game moved slowly, but now it’s super fast. I went from being not so good to winning a lot of games in just one or two days. It’s like going from a small car to a super-fast one. My aim in the game also got much better  from around 26–35% accuracy on Soldier to 50%-70% on my new setup.

Good Mouse

Let’s discuss the mouse. Now, having a mouse from a reputable brand is probably much better than having a cheap mouse from Amazon that’s only guaranteed with a better sensor, lighter weight, and improved shape. I believe this would enhance your skills significantly. I once purchased a cheaper mouse, and even with an eDPI of around 500, it wouldn’t track properly due to the inexpensive sensor. Many are simply not good, especially when using a low sensitivity setting. If you have a mouse that “spins out” when you swipe too fast, it means it doesn’t have a good enough sensor to qualify as a gaming mouse. Many mouse are heavy, weighing over 100 grams or even 150 grams. An ideal weight for gaming would be around the 50 to 90 gram range. 

Valorant Boosting

Valorant boosting is a service that can help you improve your skills and rank in Valorant, a competitive FPS game. By using this boosting, you can either play with or hire experienced and professional players who can guide you through the game and help you win more matches. Or you can choose valorant win boosting service to increase your rank. Whether you want to reach a higher rank, unlock new agents, or complete challenges, valorant boosting can help you achieve your goals faster and easier. You can choose from different types of valorant boosting, such as solo, duo, or placement games, depending on your preference and budget. It is a safe and reliable way to enjoy the game and rank up in Valorant.


Players need a sensitivity that suits how they move, the size of their mousepad, and their DPI. This helps them play their best. Think of sensitivity like how fast or slow your character moves in a game. Some characters need a lot of precision, like Jett. It’s also important to know if you use your wrist or your arm to aim. If you use your wrist, you might need a higher sensitivity. To figure out your perfect sensitivity, imagine you want your character to turn around completely from one side of your mousepad to the other. Put your mouse on the far left and move it all the way to the far right. If your character turns too much, make the sensitivity lower. If it turns too little, make it higher. You can also use a converter if you have a sensitivity you like from another game. It’s like keeping your game skills in different shoes.

Communication with Teammates

Playing Valorant is like being on a team adventure. You and your friends need to talk and fight together. Even if you get knocked out in the game, you can help by telling your friends where the enemies are. Press the Z key to mark places on the map. When it’s safe, you can also look at the map to see where you are. Talk to your team and work together to win. Talking and working as a team is super important in the game. If you usually play alone, there are other things you can learn too. 

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