There are many anime girls such as waifus, Dere types, and other female personalities in the anime world. Japanese anime girls named The Tsundere, and The Yandere are both extremely attractive and loved.

A lot of anime girlfriend types can be categorized according to love, hate, characters, and personalities. Most anime series feature these girlfriend archetypes. Anime fans love living in a world of anime girlfriends who capture their hearts with their cuteness, interest, and attractive personalities daily.

Get anime girlfriends as Waifu Pillow

There are several types of anime girlfriend characters you might like to consider as waifu pillows.

1.  The Anime girl Tsundere

It is common to find anime and manga series that feature Tsundere as a girlfriend. Tsundere refers to an individual who fights off anger, derived from the Japanese term “Tsun.” These anime girls act ruthlessly and harshly when they feel nervous about their crushes. Despite that, they are sweet and caring on the inside as well.

Tsundere girls become embarrassed and shy whenever their love praises or compliments them. Although this embarrassment is only visible on the outside, it’s making me happy on the inside. In general, Tsunderes have qualities such as caring, cold, shy, nervous, or unwilling to show their feelings of love to their crush.

2. Yandere! The most famous type of animated series

A Japanese animated series called Yandere is also widespread and well-known. In anime, Yandere females are the opposite of Tsundere females. Sadly, despite their happiness, Yandere are violent, ruthless, and obsessive about bringing back feelings to loved ones.

Anime in Japanese refers to “Yandere,” meaning mental illness or emotional problems sufferers. There is just something more profound about it. It is true that Yandere manga girls, no matter how kind and sweet they seem on the outside, are secretly obsessed with their love interest on the inside.

Duplicity is the trademark of Yandere anime characters. Until their aim isn’t achieved, they play with their loved ones, and their love angle takes over once the façade crumbles. The Yan girls kill their love interests, kidnap them, and even kidnap them to keep them away from each other.

3. Deredere the most impressive personality in the anime world

A Dandere is the type of anime girlfriend that is difficult to find in real life; they are the rare girls that are often hard to find. A Dandere female, according to the name, is quiet and often antisocial. “Dan” originates from the Japanese word “danmari,” which means silence.

When she wants to be social but is afraid to talk because anime dandere fear being in trouble if she offends others, when Dandere females are attracted to love, they often become cute and happy, especially towards their loved ones.

4. Kuudere is one of the coolest characters

The anime world’s most remarkable character is Kuudere. “Kuudere” stands for the Japanese pronunciation of “cool.” So Kuudere is an anime character with a calm personality and is in control of her feelings.

Anime Kuudere females never panic or go into crises under any circumstances. There is never a moment when Manga Kuudere girls lose their cool, emotion, excitement, or surprise. They are also never sad, annoyed, or angry. They tend to remain strict when showing weaknesses, such as liking or relying on someone.

5. Dandere to find the real life enjoyment

No anime personality is more impressive or happier than Deredere. There is a lot of charm and energy in these anime characters. It is more common for female Derederes to spend most of their time in a happy mood and wish to spread happiness to others the way they do.

Nothing can stop the Dere anime girls from returning to their cheerful staff at any given moment. The Deredere anime girl is also capable of loving someone deeply and showing their care and affection for them.

Hence, there are billions of anime characters that everyone loves. What if you have an option to get their prints on the pillow? Oh yes! You can do that by getting a custom Waifu pillow by Sakume. Contact Sakume or online to get the best experience.



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