Why the PC is better for gaming than the console

If you have entered this article surely you already know where we position ourselves in the popular and controversial debate Why is the PC better for Gaming than the console? . We are going to give you the main reasons that make us opt for the PC in 2020, without going into the strengths of the consoles.

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But your concern right now is probably not whether current PCs are better than consoles: PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. You are curious to know if the consoles that are to arrive at the end of this year 2020 are, the PlaySation 5 from Sony and the Xbox Series X from Microsoft.

At the end of this article we will see what these two new next-generation consoles offer us and if they have the necessary qualities to unseat PCs in gaming. Before entering the matter, we will review how PC Gaming is currently and how it managed to resurface from the crisis that occurred years ago.

PC Gaming grows exponentially every year

Gaming is one of the fastest growing niches in recent years. Hundreds of companies and hardware manufacturers are dedicated almost exclusively to creating computer components for this sector. They have done it for both the professional and domestic world. Gaming depends on the system on which you are playing. Even if you’re not in-game, Minecraft Survival Servers provides some information to help you keep track of what’s going on. And it’s a visible proof of how much gaming grows exponentially each and every year

This trend is reflected not only in the great diversity and range of computer components, but also in the number of gamers that increases exponentially each year . Streaming platforms like Twitch have become an everyday thing for us. What to say about the multi-million dollar tournaments that increasingly resemble an All Star basketball.

The gaming phenomenon is not exclusive to the PC, consoles or even mobile devices are part of this increasingly demanded sector. But without a doubt the winner in terms of possibilities is still the PC .

As we focus on the professional world , the PC takes the lead over consoles, as a few FPS can make a difference.

PC Gaming has managed to reach every home

The gaming phenomenon has become an everyday thing and many components are adorned with lights and colors, pretending to be a Ferrari. In the section of computer chairs of any large surface you will find an extensive range of chairs with gaming aesthetics. These will probably not have the quality or ergonomics that a gamer needs.

This shows us that gaming has become another way of doing marketing and is destined to reach every home . Any of us can have a gaming PC thanks to the power and cheaper of current graphics cards . In addition, the battle between the two large processor manufacturers Intel and AMD has provided us with a range of powerful CPUS at a good price.

Of course, do not forget peripherals: monitor, or the rest of the components. They can be of better or worse quality, but in any case gaming PCs are for everyone .

But PC Gaming was about to disappear

The video game sector is changing and has had its pluses and minuses in terms of its adaptation to the PC world. If we take a look back 10 years, playing next-generation video games was not as simple as it is today . To play at good quality it was necessary to invest in a good equipment if what we wanted was to obtain 60 FPS and a 1080p resolution .

That wasn’t the only difficulty PC Gaming faced. To the above mentioned was also added the shortage of titles that appeared for this platform due to piracy. There was also a different architecture between the PC and the consoles that at that time complicated and made developments more expensive. Many of us saw then that the PC games market was in low hours and that it could even disappear .

But Steam appeared , a video game platform that began to popularize again the distribution of PC games at very competitive prices . To this was added the generational change of the consoles, which already had an architecture more similar to a computer.

This fact, together with the cheaper PC components, allowed the titles to fluctuate more easily again and caused the PC video game sector to resurface.

Reasons why the PC is better for gaming

Better graphics and framerate

Being able to play games at true 4K resolutions and with a  framerate of more than 200 FPS is something that current consoles are far from achieving. With permission from the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X coming out soon.

To this must be added other graphic effects, such as the famous antialiasing that softens the edges and suppresses the famous saw teeth that annoy us so much.

We must be aware that no current console is ever going to give us more than 60 FPS, and much less with the resolutions that we have mentioned above.

The only console that currently rears its head a bit in this fight is the PlayStation 4 Pro , which is capable of offering us true 4K in some games but only reaching a framerate of about 30 FPS . In many other games we do not have a 4K but a rescaling is carried out with half the resolution.or if you want to run your business online, or you are looking for digital marketing Services then Digitvibez is the best option for you. Digitvibez offers PPC, SEO, Web Development, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, and Many More Services


All these characteristics, as we see, are very similar to a PC Gaming architecture , which has undoubtedly been one of the objectives that the two console giants Sony and Microsoft have pursued .

We must not forget that although at the end of 2020 we will be talking about very powerful machines, PCs will continue to evolve. This means that after a few years we will once again have a very large mismatch between the performance and gaming experience that a computer offers us compared to a console.

In any case, this is the opinion of this website, always make the decision that is closest to your needs, budget and what you consider appropriate!

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