Dragonflight’s first PvP season will begin on December 14 and will bring fans of fierce player-to-player battles plenty of classes and rewards like equipment, vehicles, ranks, and achievements. In this guide, you’ll learn about all the major changes and innovations that will appear in the game when the season starts.

Changes and new features

New Arena: Knockhudon Trial Arena

In Dragonflight, at least at the beginning of the add-on, the developers did not add new battlefields, but a little novelty PvP fans still got – the Nockhudon arena. This centaur-themed arena is located on the Plains of On’ara and after the failed experiments with Enigma Arena does not contain moving elements, having two large pillars on the edges, a small fence in the center and equally small climbs that fighters can climb.

New Arena Rotation.

The introduction of the Knockhudon Trial Arena has raised the total number of such maps to 15. The developers decided that for a single set of arenas this value is too high, so they divided it into 3 separate combinations of 8 arenas, which will replace each other every week. This will diversify the gameplay and allow players to frequently go to one or another arena to sharpen their strategy.

Ranked Solo Rush.

With the start of the season players will not only have the opportunity to play Ranked Solo Scuffle mode, but also to start receiving the usual ranked rewards as in other modes, including scoring for equipment items, Waldrakken Treasure Trove and Furious Transport.

Ranked Solo Clash is a ranked version of the Scuffle Solo Clash that was introduced in Update 9.2. Simple Solo Clash has been removed from the quick match tab and put into the regular scuffle rotation, while Ranked Scuffle is available on the ranked tab, from where you can join the queue.

To join the queue for Ranked Solo Scramble requires some minimum level of PvP equipment just like with the Heroic Dungeons queue (level 408 in season 1).

The game in ranked Solo Summoning is inter-faction, so Horde and Alliance characters are grouped together and can fight against each other.

The ranking in this Solo-Mutiny mode is tied to each specialization separately, rather than the entire class, and the ranking tables and end-of-season awards are based on this. You can choose a specialization when registering in the queue. Players can view ranking tables on the official WoW website.

Similar to the ranked arenas, players can earn seasonal rewards and achievements in the ranked Solo-Summit, work on the progression of Furious Transport, Treasure of Valdrakken. All ranked arena rewards and ranks except gladiator ranks and transports are available in Solo-Madness.

There is also a special rank in this mode, given as a reward for being in the top 0.1% of the faction’s best ranked players in their specialty by the end of the season (in Season 1 – “Crimson Legend”). And for winning 100 rounds of Solo Summoning on a personal rating of 2400+ will immediately give the temporary title of “Legend”, which can be used until the end of the season.

Changes of rating by the results of the match are calculated in a rather complicated way, in brief: for each round a certain value is calculated taking into account the result, MMR, ratings of all participating players, and at the end of the match all 6 rounds are combined into one total result.

A player who leaves a match before it ends gets the “Deserter” effect, which will last longer each time.

Item Levels

Unified level of PvP items

In Dragonflight, all PvP items in PvP content have a maximum level similar to that of epoch raids, and improving them by rank only increases their level in PvE situations. So PvP-battles will rely on the personal skill of the player and will not depend on the many ranks of improvement of equipment, and things themselves after enhancement will be possible to raise to high levels for use in PvE, if suddenly you want to master this type of content.

PvP Merchants

In Dragonflight, as before in PvP, players will be able to earn two main currencies: Honor Points and Conquest Points. Honor is mainly gained in unranked PvP and open world classes, while Conquest is gained in ranked PvP on battlefields, arenas and scuffles. Honor and Conquest points can be used to buy and upgrade challenger and gladiatorial items from Waldrakken merchants:

Honor Points are redeemed at Selterex.

Conquest Points are redeemed at Calderax.

And from Glamora you can buy elite weapon guises for the Medal of Honor, which requires 2400+ Personal Rating.

Nearby, you can find a couple of merchants that sell equipment for Blood Tokens and Discord Trophies – currency from the war mode on the Dragon Islands, as well as giving weekly assignments:

Field Marshal Emberat trades items for Blood Tokens.

Covarness trades items for Discord Trophies and periodically issues a weekly out-of-the-world PvP quest that grants 250 reputation points with the chosen faction and Honor/Conquest points, and if the faction imbalance is large, a War Mode “Against All odds” quest that also grants 250 reputation points with the chosen faction and 50 Dragon Islands Supplies.

You can upgrade items from absolutely any NIP that provides enhancement services, such as Corksian in Valdrakken, and the rates and conditions remain the same as in previous seasons.


Rank Rewards: Equipment, Achievements, and Ranks

By participating in ranked PvP and increasing their rank, players will achieve ranks, these are: “Fighter” I-II, “Contender” I-II, “Favorite” I-II, “Duelist”, “Veteran”, as well as “Gladiator” and “Hero” factions. These ranks not only increase the level of PvP equipment you receive and improve as described above, but also give you access to additional cosmetic rewards such as elite version PvP armor items, vehicles, and ranks. 1 Dragonflight’s PvP season has been dubbed “Crimson.

Illusion charms, banner, cloak and crested cape will not be available to receive from the start – they will be added later, in a future update, but before the end of the season to watch dumpor instagram.

Shades of Armor: Class Sets

This season, players will once again have three types of kits available to them without being divided by faction, but differentiated by class, as class kits have reappeared in the game.

Claimant’s Armor (similar to Honor items from a PvP merchant) uses an alternate coloring of open world items from the Dragon Islands. Gladiator armor (similar to items for Conquest from a PvP merchant) use an alternate dark purple coloring of class armor sets on mp3juice. Veteran Elite armor uses an alternate orange coloring of class armor sets.


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